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I'll Be Back Soon

photograph by Robert Doisneau

I have no heart to leave
But for a short while I must
I have never been away from you
I don't know how I shall adjust

It is a matter of a few days
A month suddenly seems like a year
Promise me you shall stay strong
Darling, please do not shed a tear

I shall have you in my heart
My shadow shall follow you around
I shall never leave you alone
In you my everything I have found

This job I'm doing, is for us
Once I'm back we'll walk down the aisle
I shall come back with more love
Just wait for a little while

Pick the best dress that you can
I know you shall make a pretty bride
The day you shall become my wife
I shall look at the world with pride

Your eyes are not letting me go
My love, don't do this to me
Let me go with a happy heart
Sadness on your face I cannot see

I shall be back very soon
Never again my presence you'll have to miss
I cross my heart and promise you
This shall be my last goodbye kiss

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 250.


  1. Awww! Reading this feels so good :) So much of love!

  2. Good byes always come with tears..hard to say the person you love good bye..even this time when technology has reached its peak in communication..well expressed! :)

  3. Young lovers parting...I remember that feeling

  4. Beautiful Beautiful :) Yes I wrote that twice deliberately :p

  5. Awww, this was a fresh dose of romance for romantics like me. Such love and sweetness - can cherish it forever :)

    Reminded me of the time when hubby had to be away from me just a month before marriage.

  6. Even a day seems endless with him far away... :(

  7. "This shall be my last goodbye kiss." - Aw. Perfect ending. :)


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