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In My Opinion

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What is wrong in speaking up
What is the need to sugar coat words
I do not know how to speak like that
I refuse to join the hypocritical herds

I cannot lie about what I feel
The truth might hurt but it still is right
When the truth is in front of us
What is the need for the fright

They call me blunt, bold and rude
Just because I have a mind of my own
It is my choice to be this way
I do not want to be some one's clone

I choose to write about the truth
People cannot seem to handle this
I shall not stop writing the way I do
In this is what I find my bliss

Diplomacy is a very good thing
But it sure is not mandatory
When the whole truth is spoken about
Everything becomes self-explanatory

What is wrong in standing up
Why hide under a facade and write
When I know all about the truth
Why should I be afraid of being right

I shall raise my voice and speak
Even though I'm just one in a billion
Because some people cuss and curse
Doesn't mean that I change my opinion


  1. Awesome Soumz... U r always right :)

  2. I don't think that people cannot handle the truth you tell; I think they are jealous that they don't have the courage to do the same.

    1. Where are you darling!? I need your opinion on the poem I wrote!! :)

    2. I agree.

      I'm right here, my love! Off to check your poem now :)

  3. It takes guts and a strong belief in oneself....not many have tht.

    1. I know! And the ones who have are considered the bad one!

  4. Truth is harsh and many cannot digest it. well written

  5. There are very few brave people who can't stop to speak up. Even if they don't, that thing nag them through out their whole life, eat them up. Thumbs up to you for taking a stand for it. :)


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