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Product Review: Dettol Multi-Use Wipes

I'm a crazy OCD freak. I want everything to be spic and span and placed exactly in the way I like. Be it the hangers in my closet or the arrangement of books on my book shelf. I also like to have everything very clean and tidy. Since I'm prone to migraine, I have an aversion to a lot of smells. So everything around me has to smell neutral, else I freak out. Also, I'm a firm believer of cleanliness is next to Godliness. I always carry tissues and a sanitiser with me. At home I always have plenty of hand wash stored so that we never run out of it. It is an obsession, but this is the way I am. I always like my surfaces clean, especially mirrors. Even is there is a single spot on the mirror, I drop all my other work and go grab my stock of Colin and a sponge to clean it. A clean house is a sign of a happy family. Well, atleast for me. I keep my room as clean as possible, wiping the surfaces as often as I can. Since the back door of my room opens to the outside, there always is a lot of dust accumulated on the furniture. It is a pain but I regularly dust it off all the time.

When I first heard about the Dettol Multi-Use Wipes, I thought it was just like the Johnson&Johnson baby wipes and not meant for everything. Since Dettol is now making kitchen cleaners, I thought they had ventured into the baby market as well. But when I received a sample of it for review, I was amazed at the chores it was suitable for. It reminded me of wet tissues that are used to clean the face and neck, but it turns out you can use this for that and everything else. Dettol Multi-Use Wipes comes in a pack of thirty and is moderately priced at a hundred and fifteen rupees. There are other packs of fifty and ninety as well. The pack is the perfect Dettol pack with its patent green and white color. The pack has an opening in the center with a resealable flap, so that you can pull out the wipes and use them. The quality of the pack is really good and classy, living up to the brand name of Dettol.

I pulled out a wipe and opened it. It was wet and about the size of a woman's handkerchief. It had a mild smell of the Dettol antiseptic, but nothing over powering. Since I have damaged and acne prone skin, I have only used baby wipes to wipe off my make up until now. I thought twice if it was worth taking the risk, but I decided to go for it anyway. I first used it on my face, in a upward direction removing my makeup slowly. Almost all of it came out in a single wipe. I used it on my eyes to take off the eyeliner, it came out in a single stroke too. Remember, this product is for external use only and not to be used to remove the kajal from the inside of the eye. Use it only to wipe off your liner or the mascara. A single wipe is enough to remove all the makeup from the face and the neck. There is no need to use any other product after that. After using it, your skin will be wet for a while but it dries off naturally within a minute, leaving your face fresh and dry. But just to be sure, I waited for two days to try it again. Incase I had a breakout or any rash, I would not have used this product on my skin. But thankfully nothing of that sort happened. This is now my go to product for removing my makeup! Being pH neutral, the wipes do not affect your skin’s natural protection, and the emollients present in the wipes keep your skin moisturized. 

I then used it to fuel my obsession of clean mirrors. I pulled out a wipe and swiped it on my mirror. The surface first went blur due to the wetness, but later sparkled. I was thrilled. Using a single wipe, I was able to wipe two full size mirrors until they were sparkling clean. I had used Colin until now, but Dettol Multi-Use Wipes have now replaced it. The all new Dettol Multi-Use Wipes protects you from germs, wherever and whenever. They not only help protect your skin from germs, but also keep surfaces germ free. It is perfect for a house with children or senior citizens. You can use it to wipe furniture and other devices as well. I used it to clean my microwave and I was pleased with the results. It does leave a little hint of the trademark Dettol smell behind, but it is gone after a minute or two. It doesn't leave behind any residue either. I wiped my Television with it too and the its surface was squeaky clean soon, without causing any damage to it.

The Dettol Multi-Use Wipes can be used in office as well. Since the package is small and compact it can fit into the smallest of bags and is very portable. I used it to wipe my laptop screens and my desk at work. It works beautifully! I used it to wipe my hands after munching on a snack or to clean the surface of the phone at my desk which a lot of other people also use. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, Dettol Multi-Use Wipes provide convenient, and easy protection against germs by keeping all your surfaces clean and fresh. This product has only pros for me and no cons. With the trusted name of Dettol on it, using this product can only end in a win win situation. And now the Dettol Multi-Use Wipes is LOL approved as well!

So go ahead, and use Dettol Multi-Use Wipes at home or your office, in the car or while on a holiday and stay germ free forever!

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