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Won & Lost

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In this boring court room
All I see is white and black
Screams, yells and accusations
With no hope of turning back

I was in love with this profession once
Then it all became a money game
I did not succumb to the pressure of it
Because of this I did not get fame

I believe in the truth and only that
To win I cannot fabricate a lie
People have tried to buy my expertise
Instead of selling myself I'd rather die

And then you walk in one fine day
I was supposed to be fighting against you
You were calm, composed and restrained
Almost like it was too good to be true

Accused of killing your man you were
His family had hired me for their fight
I had all the proofs on my side
I knew my facts were absolutely right

And yet I was drawn to you
Your big eyes drowned me in
Nothing of me was left in me
As I fell head over heels in sin

You charmed me with every word
I fell for everything that you said
The facts suddenly seemed meaningless
It was your thoughts that filled my head

I could no longer think right
That was when I committed the crime
I threw away the evidence files
I did everything to make you mine

You played along beautifully
Holding back and yet giving it all
I had lost the case already
I was just waiting for the judge's call

You walked away innocent and free
I waited for you to come to me
I remembered all the promises you made
I'll show you the life you wanted to see

I saw you appear with a happy smile
I was dying to make you my wife
Your beautiful face flashed before my eyes
As you pierced my heart with your knife


  1. Wow, this was a poem and a story both having their strengths all along :) Brilliant!

  2. A poem weaving a story of love and betrayal . At times it is rightly said love is blind .

  3. Thank God I left litigation. :D
    Good one Leo. Too bad for him.


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