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Care For Your Hair #NioxinNowInIndia

The products and the salon tour. Last week I had the privilege of attending yet another blogger meet in Bangalore, this time organized by the wonderful people of Blogadda . This was my first ever Blogadda meet and I was super duper excited. First, because the people of Blogadda are so awesome. And second, because the event was for a hair product. If you know me even one percent you will know how obsessed I am with my hair. Third, I was getting to meet my favorite blogger Shailaja again. Since the event was at 12.30 pm, Shailaja and I decided to meet up early for a brunch and then attend the event. We had a wonderful time chatting and discussed a lot of bloggers and their work. After the brunch we arrived at the Bodycraft salon in Koramangala and met a lot of other wonderful bloggers. A total of twelve bloggers were invited for the event. Now coming to event; the event was the launch of the hair care product Nioxin in India. We were first given a tour of the salon, which was ne

The Temple Keeper

Still Life, 1907 by John Frederick Peto  Her day starts before the rise of the sun She cleaned the entire area until it shone This place was everything to her This abandoned temple was her humble home No one knew where she came from And yet she knew everyone on the lane With a cheerful smile she greeted everyone But a few others considered her insane She walked holding her old umbrella Carefully clutching her brown torn bag Age had taken pace away from her And yet she walked despite a lag One day a kid left behind his hat She returned it to him the next day His mother refused to accept it It was now cursed, I heard her say And yet she guarded it with her life Just like she had done with this house of hers Some offered her money out of pity Which she accepted and collected in her purse She lay alone under the moon light The hard stone was her makeshift bed There was no blanket to protect her from the cold Nor a pillow to gu

Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Image Source A few years ago while I was shopping, I came across a painting. The painting was chaotic and had way too many colors. But it looked beautiful. But it would have looked more beautiful if it had a theme associated with it. That is when I imagined a painting in my mind. Colors and patterns that tell a story. After getting back home I pulled out a plain white sheet and began drawing. The theme was " Our Love Story " and I included all the elements that brought us together. Be it the places we went together or the books that we read. If it mattered to us, it found its place here in the drawing. I included some patterns and drew our faces as well. And before I knew it I had a whole drawing in front of me. It was easy to leave it black and white, but colors played with my mind. Since the drawing was big, coloring it was tedious. And since it was more like a doodle with various patterns, I had to be careful with the colors. And the outline had to be perfect to sepa

Immortal Fire

Image Source It all ended the way it had started Unexpected, passionate and without a word I wanted to hold it within myself But you wanted to be the free bird Days after days, I waited for you Hoping that you will change your mind But I did not even see your shadow No matter where I looked, nothing I could find There was nothing great about you And yet you perfectly blended into me I was what I was when I was with you Today, within me I can no longer see I hate the peace in my life today Your chaos is what I crave for now I know that where ever you are  You own me, it's an unsaid vow The madness is getting on to me I look for you in every breath of mine I feel your touch with a drop of rain And your voice in the flow of wine I listen to our song endlessly The chorus is now embedded in my vein I hate the power you have over me You are the poison that soothes my pain No one else has made me feel this way Only with

Tap The Impulse #ItsPersonal

Image Source Scenario 1 : I'm stuck in a government office, waiting to get my passport renewed. And the government being the government, I'm given a token with the number 186 on it and am directed to a long line that is swirling around the office like a snake. Since this is my third attempt on getting my passport renewed, I decide to make it my last and join the line. A few others join immediately behind me giving me momentary solace that I'm not the last one in the line. It is going to take a long time, so what do I do? I obviously cannot open my laptop and start surfing something while I am standing in a line with my elbows sandwiched between two others. And wearing ear/headphones and listening to music and looking like a jackass is not my cup of tea either. So what other option do I have? Reading may be. But I cannot concentrate with so much noise around. So I stick to the safest bet ever. To look through my phone. Since I have unlimited 3G, there is no compromis

Own Your Wings

artwork by Ulrike Bolenz You be the woman that you are today Do not worry about what others have to say A strong woman is considered a bad influence For their ignorance, you do not have to pay Nurture your wings and soar high The world will never be a place for you It shall not understand your importance Here you will always remain the minor few Build your confidence and live strong Do what you want with your head held high Make a wonderful life for yourself Don't let opportunities pass you by You are not less than anyone else You have the right to express your voice Understand your worth and stand by it You are definitely more than a man's choice They will make sure that you will fail But like a phoenix you need to rise again They will pull and tear your wings apart But you should not succumb to that pain March ahead and do not look back There is nothing for you around here Make a world for yourself in your way Be

Mane Memories

Image Source Today I found my first grey hair. I expected to be petrified and go all crazy over it, but instead I smiled. Twenty eight years of my existence and my first grey hair, made me realize how grown up I am. No, I do not feel old. I just feel that I have grown up from what I was a few years ago. I stood in front of the mirror, parting my hair from all directions to check if there were any others. This took me back years ago, to a wonderful memory that I cherish till date. One day I saw that my mother's hair had all greyed out and I decided to dye it for her. She even wanted a trim but was hesitant to go to a parlor. So I chose to step in. Armed with a pack of hair dye and scissors from her boutique, I spread out a news paper and asked her to sit on it. Adjusting my nerdy glasses I neatly combed her hair and we decided on the length that she wanted to keep. Slowly I placed the scissor through her thick locks and began snipping. The first cut was uneven and so was the

Switch Off

Image Source This weekend I did something that I thought I never could. I stayed away from my laptop and did not bother to do anything related to work. I did not check my mails, Facebook or Twitter. I relaxed a lot and baked to my hearts content. I stayed active on Instagram though, putting up pictures of the things around me. I love Instagram because it is a no nonsense social media. Just pictures and nothing else. I love posting random pictures there and that was the only place that I was available this weekend. Cal and I have never been home bodies, but ever since we moved out to a place of our own, we love to sit and relax at home. It had been four days since I had written a blog post, but a part of me did not care. Another part of me was itching to login for a few minutes and write something, but the former took over and I let it be. It is after such a long time that I have given such a long break between my blog posts. And you know what? This time I enjoyed it. It is impo

Skirt It Like Kangana

When it comes to fashion if there is a person I idolize, then it has to be Kangana Ranaut. Her sense of style has evolved from small town girl to high end brands. She carries every look with elan and pride. The confidence with which she wears her clothes and styles them is something that we do not find everywhere. She is laid back, classy and sophisticated at the same time. Everything that she wears looks so good on her. Be it a simple jean or a high end couture gown. She rocks both the looks. Her choice of clothing is something that has awed me from years. She knows her clothes and her body. The clothes seem tailor made for her and she carries it off like she owns it. Having seen her in almost every possible style, it is very difficult for me to narrow down a few favorite looks of her. Now that summer is here, I have put away my denims and trousers. It is time to show some skin and look cool. Skirts and shorts are perfect for that. Skirts and shorts can be worn in so many styles

Two, Four Or More

Image Source Cal and I have a problem when it comes to cars. We both hate it. There is something very unpleasant about the smell of a car. Inspite of using the best car perfumes, the stink still remains. I feel extremely claustrophobic inside a car. And the car AC is another enemy of mine. Even if I sit for five minutes in a car with AC I get a splitting headache. The stink then adds on to it making me want to puke immediately. To avoid all this we both always travel on our bike. We are extremely happy and comfortable with it, but society is not something that would leave us alone. People tell us to buy a car soon, now that we are married and all, you see. Well, I do not see. Both our work places are less than two kilometers from our house, so why do we need a car? And we love travelling on the bike. Next, people think that we are stingy and do not want to spend money on a car. Great! Just because you can afford it doesn't mean you have to buy it. Right? Cal and I are extre

Your Choice - Your Story: Now Customise

While the online market is swiftly growing and offers us a world of mass produced goods, there is hardly any scope to personalise these products, which could really make them unique and offbeat. Imagine a website that allows you to customise products and add a special touch, the way you want. This is the next wave of e-commerce. Say Hello to “icustommadeit”! In August 2013 an online marketplace called ' ' was launched, which connects buyers who wish for one-of-a-kind creations with passionate and professional creators of those goods, from around the country. icustommadeit was established on the belief that customization is the core of any merchandise today. The buyers connect with specialized creators by submitting a description or photo of what they want to customize for themselves. Creators, who are interested get in touch with ideas and send out their proposals to start the project. icustommadeit is a wonderful platform were buyers get to virtua

Adam's Apple

Image Source Adam was not in a very good mood He had just had an argument with Eve It did not occur to him that she was troubled All she needed was one day's leave He saw her weeping in the corner His love for her melted his heart He walked towards her to sort things out Someone sure had to make the start Eve began to pour her heart out She was tired of all the household chores She had to cook, clean and do the laundry Along with scrubbing the doors and floors The words then tugged Adam's soul How had he not understood this Eve was his love and not his maid How had he given this a miss From the next day he followed her around Assisting her in doing everything Eve began to smile day after day Her husband was normal and not the king This gave Eve the time to look after herself She began to look more good day after day Adam was now a very happy man He was glad he heard what Eve had to say Eve began showering more

My Mom, My Genius #YoursHonestly

Image Source I first saw the world through your eyes It then seemed like a very nice place But when I came out to face it I was frightened by its dangerous pace You told me not to be afraid And that nobody can ever harm me All I had to do was be truthful In your eyes, honesty I could see I followed in your footsteps From adolescence to teenage You left me free to see the world Without enclosing me in a cage Even while surviving on basic means You asked me not to feel bad about it You taught me to earn honestly And then slowly save bit by bit It gave me the strength to accept the truth I found it better than sugar coated lies But I was confused why others were not like me They denied the truth and found lies nice You asked me to ignore all of them And that I had to be true only to myself That lesson is engraved in my mind In truth I had found my helpful elf From the day I started writing I have only focused on being h

Reflections: A To Z - 2015

Image Source I know I'm a little late in writing the reflections post, but better late than never right? April has been a wonderful month in more ways than one and this A to Z challenge sure made it a memorable one. When I took up the challenge last year, my theme was random and hence it was easy to write about everything that I wanted. But this time I decided to pep it up a little and challenge myself more. I chose a theme and me being me it had to revolve around love. Shades of love was revealed as my theme for the A to Z challenge 2015 . When I decided on the theme, I thought that it would be easy to write about love and its various shades. But as the challenge progressed, I began to run out of ideas. The worst part was that I was neck deep in work and hardly had any time to write or schedule posts. Every post was written on the same day and published immediately. I started off well. Awakening came out good as a stand alone piece, but it left lots to imagination in the

Color Riot With Engrave

Image Source The first thing that we did when we moved out to a place of our own was to hang our name plate at the entrance. The name plate was sent to me by the wonderful people at Engrave. I wrote about them here . Just to refresh your memory, Engrave is an India-based design collective engaged in the pursuit of creating unique lifestyle products with fine craftsmanship. They believe that personalized gifts are the ones that are cherished the most. Therefore they are committed to offering an ever expanding range of simple to create canvas prints and laser engraved products. They combine the finest materials with a master craftsman's eye for detail to produce top quality products and gifts, perfect for any occasion. They have a wonderful collection of photographic plaques, name plates and canvas prints. You can go in for the standard ones, or you can choose to customize them to include your own photos or designs. But I told you all this during the last time only. Why am I ta