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My Mom, My Genius #YoursHonestly

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I first saw the world through your eyes
It then seemed like a very nice place
But when I came out to face it
I was frightened by its dangerous pace

You told me not to be afraid
And that nobody can ever harm me
All I had to do was be truthful
In your eyes, honesty I could see

I followed in your footsteps
From adolescence to teenage
You left me free to see the world
Without enclosing me in a cage

Even while surviving on basic means
You asked me not to feel bad about it
You taught me to earn honestly
And then slowly save bit by bit

It gave me the strength to accept the truth
I found it better than sugar coated lies
But I was confused why others were not like me
They denied the truth and found lies nice

You asked me to ignore all of them
And that I had to be true only to myself
That lesson is engraved in my mind
In truth I had found my helpful elf

From the day I started writing
I have only focused on being honest
Others did not find this right
Ignoring them was what I did best

It is because of this lesson of yours
That I have achieved everything today
No matter what anyone says
As a part of me, honesty shall stay

You were a teacher in more ways than one
All your lessons came without a fee
I am proud to be a part of you
This is your daughter here, #YoursHonestly!

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.


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