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Own Your Wings

artwork by Ulrike Bolenz

You be the woman that you are today
Do not worry about what others have to say
A strong woman is considered a bad influence
For their ignorance, you do not have to pay

Nurture your wings and soar high
The world will never be a place for you
It shall not understand your importance
Here you will always remain the minor few

Build your confidence and live strong
Do what you want with your head held high
Make a wonderful life for yourself
Don't let opportunities pass you by

You are not less than anyone else
You have the right to express your voice
Understand your worth and stand by it
You are definitely more than a man's choice

They will make sure that you will fail
But like a phoenix you need to rise again
They will pull and tear your wings apart
But you should not succumb to that pain

March ahead and do not look back
There is nothing for you around here
Make a world for yourself in your way
Be your own strength and let go off fear

Do not give up on anything that you want
With self belief, success come a step nearer
If the world tries to clip them again
You paint the wings on your mirror 

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 270.


  1. Oh yes. Spread those wings and conquer the world. Way to go, Hon :) Beautifully penned.

  2. Superb art and splendid lines :)

  3. Loving the conclusion where you say we must look into the mirror and fly again. Beautiful!

  4. This one is good, really very inspirational. The best part is about " you paint the wings on your mirror".

  5. Strong lines. Lovely soumya! Loved the intensity in your lines

  6. The last two lines are simply superb! Well said, Soumya. And powerfully.

  7. Beautiful. Those last lines.

  8. Lovely! Hats off to woman power!

  9. "You paint the wings on your mirror" - what a wonderful message, and as always, you rocked the photo prompt (y)


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