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Dreams Unlimited

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Set your heart free and close your eyes
Dream of the peaceful life that you want
Nightmares might be tough and scary
But incomplete dreams continue to haunt

Give yourself the time to dream
Of a wonderful land far far away
Where only peace and happiness prevails
And everything seems to go your way

Dream of the beautiful fairy land
With talking butterflies and a buzzing flower
Inhale the calmth of the serene green
Embrace life and become its lover

Close your eyes to the chant of a tune
Make your heart beat a lullaby
Create a new home for yourself
Enter it and never say goodbye

It takes a lot of guts to dream
Some are fulfilled while some just end
There is a long uncertainty with it
Some broken dreams you cannot mend

That doesn't mean you give up
Your dreams are what your mind has to say
Go ahead and dare to dream freely
Be it on a rainy night or a sunny day

Dreams are hopes with a voice
Live them the way that you want to
If you want to breathe life into them
Then do everything that you have to do

In today's big bad world
Even in your dreams people want a say
Your dream solely belongs to you
This wealth of yours no one can take away

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 281.


  1. Beautiful poem... makes you ponder.

  2. True. Dreams are one thing that truly belong to us.

  3. Yeah, that's the way you should treat dreams - enjoy, take a break and live every moment till you realize it.

    Beautiful poem.

  4. I thought that was excellent! Well thought out, keeps the pace I really enjoyed it. It takes a lot of guts to make a dream come true in todays world.

  5. Loved the last stanza the most Soumya :)

  6. Very beautifully written. I had written a poem on similar lines few years ago. It reminded me of that and that one was nowhere as good as yours though.

    1. Thank you Harini. I would love to read that poem of yours. Share the link please.

  7. it indeed does take a lot of guts to dream like this....

  8. Bang on poem , written beautifully ! Yeah, dream and live to fulfill the dreams,no matter what ..loved it :)

  9. how beautifully narrated. In this world where change is most constant, dreams are something which we can own and say that they belong to us.


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