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In Your Words - Part 3

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Kay's reply was something that Alisah had not expected at all. She had thought that he was a new reader as that was his first comment on her blog post. She had checked his profile on receiving the comment. It had said that he was twenty eight years old and a male. It also said that he was blogging only since a year when compared to Alisah's four years of experience in the blogging world. But it turns out that Kay was following her blog since she had started. His mail spoke about her old posts that she had almost forgotten about. He also mentioned that she was his inspiration in starting a blog of his own. He claimed that he was shy and silently followed her posts and never commented on them. But 'The Curse' was something that he wanted to explore further, and hence he decided to ask her permission to write about it. He also said that he had half expected her to say "No", but was surprised when she agreed for him to write about it.

Kay then spoke a bit about himself. He was an architect who spent his free time writing poetry and fiction. Unlike Alisah, who even shared snippets of her personal life on her blog, Kay preferred to create poetry and spin stories. He said that he was a very private and shy person and did not have many friends. Alisah smiled as she read this. For a person who writes so wonderfully about emotions, an introvert is not what she had expected. An idea then struck her and she opened up a new notepad and began typing. The poem she was now writing was about a man who did not know how to express his feelings in real life, but conveyed his messages to the woman he loves through his poetry. Kay was on her mind throughout the thirty minutes that she took to write the poetry. Strange she thought, she did not know how this man looked or who exactly he was, and yet there she was writing a poem about him. And clearly, just for him.

She titled the poem 'Behind The Facade' and re-read it twice before publishing it. She then replied to Kay's mail by sharing the poem's link and told him that this was her interpretation of his character. She felt thrilled about writing this. Never before had she written about a person she knew on her blog. Her personal posts were only about her and her feelings. She had had relationships of course, but none of them made it to her blog. 'The Third Eye' was all about her and her thoughts and feelings. Her poems were very personal to her and she only wrote about characters that she created in her mind. Be it for poetry or fiction. She was surprised that she had written about another blogger so effortlessly and that too on an instant. But will Kay take it the right way or will he misinterpret it? Should she delete the post? But the mail with the link was already sent! She just decided to wait and watch.

After freshening up, she went down for some tea and snacks. Her mother had not returned from the store yet, but her father was now sitting in the balcony and enjoying the myriad colors in the sky. He turned as she walked towards him.

"Go get yourself a cup. I just brewed some." He says pointing to his coffee mug.

Alisah walks up to the kitchen and pours herself some coffee and checks the cookie jar. She smiles. As usual it was always full. Her mother always made sure that they had enough snacks at home. The cookies were not just of one kind. They were atleast four different varieties and Alisah arranged some on to a plate and took them out to the balcony with her.

"How's Churchill coming along?" She asks her father.

"Wonderful, I still think that you should try to read it."

"Maybe, someday."

He father looks at her with his eyebrows raised.

"What's with the change of mind?" He playfully interrogates.

"Just like that. Change is important in life na."

"My my. That's like my daughter." He winks.

Alisah bites into a spicy ginger cookie and slowly sips on to her coffee. Her father just sits beside her and looks at the sky. The sun is just about to set and the sky is splashed with various hues of red, orange and yellow. Almost like a fresh water painting, waiting to meet its frame and its muse. She thought for a while and then turns to her father.

"Pa, whom do you relate to the most?"

Her father looks at her fully confused. She continues.

"As in you and mom are very different from each other. She loves cooking and baking and has no idea about literature. But your whole life revolves around books and reading. How do you both relate to each other?"

"Darling, there is not a couple in the world that can completely relate to each other. What you are talking about is hobbies and interests. And it varies from person to person. Your mother and I share a lot of things in common. Plus we love and respect each other for our individual choices."

"Isn't it easier when you have someone who shares your passion and interests?"

"It sure is. But you don't get everything all the time. By the way why are you asking all this suddenly?" He picks up a cookie as he watches his daughter closely.

"Just like that. Just met someone on my blog who is a lot like me. Our thoughts, feelings and ideas seem to match a lot."

"Most of the writers are alike my dear. They need to get into a frame of mind to get their words out. They think about emotions and everything associated with it. They create characters and give life to them in the best way that they can. Most of the time, the thoughts are alike. It is the writing that differs." He says and gulps down the last bit of coffee.

"Hmmm.." Alisah says as she watches the sun disappear behind the now grey clouds.

"Beautiful weather today. Want to go for a run?" Her father gets up as Alisah nods.

They go to a nearby park and walk briskly for a while. Her father goes to join his group of friends while Alisah plugs on her ipod and begins her run. She loved running and made sure she did it every time she got some free time. Being her mother's daughter meant a diet of butter, cream and sugar. She needed to maintain her body somehow or the other. Thankfully she was well toned and blessed with a very good metabolism. The music filled her mind, but her mind was already occupied. She could only think about Kay today. She re-read his mail in her mind a hundred times and was surprised by how alike they were. What surprised her more was the fact that she had written a poem all about him. She had never acted on impulse before.

A tall man with a hoodie and a beard passed by her in the opposite direction. He stared at her for a while before he continued his run. Alisah ignored him and continued to run. During the next round as well he stopped for a while as he came close to her to read her face. Alisah looked away and increased her speed. The tall man continued to do this for all his eight rounds. Alisah was highly annoyed now. She thought of telling her father about it and looked around the park for him. He was there in the corner with the laughing club, laughing loud with his hands held up high in the air. The tall man passed again, but this time he smiled and ran away.

Alisah noticed something familiar about that smile. What was it? She sat for a while on a bench and thought about what was so familiar about that man.

Could it be? No, how could it be?

To be continued.


  1. Lovely writing...I have been reading your blog for sometime now... I think your writing is beautiful...probably you are the only blogger whose poetry I read and understand....and of course love them also....this story is so beautiful...I love the descriptions, the characters...basically keep writing...all the very best

  2. Wow!!! I was waiting for this post. Let me guess, He's Kay :)
    Okay now start posting the rest of the parts, Im curious! ;)

  3. Woah! I am gripped! Can't wait for the next part!

  4. Guess, the hoodie is Kay !
    Soumya , you have portrayed Alisah's feelings with clarity and fineness. She is understandably impressed/ smitten (?) by Kay's writing skills , by his interpretation and understanding of her posts and to write a poem on him seems the natural step ! And yes, its not love ..yet ! Wishing Kay to turnout as a good guy ..pleazzeee...
    Waiting ...

  5. Aha.. guess its time to bring Kay in the frame. awesome narrative style. jus loving it, Soumya. :)
    waiting for more..

    Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble : Nibbles @ 3

  6. Wow!! This is getting better and better. Hope the next one comes out soon.

  7. Kay? You are killing me with suspense, woman! Write the next part soon :) I sure hope it's going to be a wonderful love story brewing between both the writers <3

  8. Interesting! Loved this part as well and now the story is progressing faster. Who is this guy? No..not Kay! ;)
    Good one Soumya!

  9. I can't even guess where this is going, you built up the characters and suspense so well....will wait up for the next part!

  10. Enjoyed the conversation your character has with her father. The wise man is right about couples and writing. The denouement in the builds the suspense so competently, Soumya. Very well detailed a la good ole romance.

  11. Aha, taking twists, are we? Rushing to part 4 :)


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