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The Past Few Days

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A scream
unuttered words tremble

A sharp sting
melancholic rush of blood
over in an instant

a blank mind
a pain free soul
unexplained whiteness around

A floating sensation
droplets of colored hues
unpatterned beautiful splash
trembling fingers lose their touch
so close yet so far

Striking reality
a slight tinge of ache
unfamiliar yet known environment
weary eyes recognize

Comforting hand
a bright smile greets me
fatigue ridden yet strong

Everything seems bright
from that one look of his

ah yes, love!

P.S: I have been really sick over the past few days, hence the absence here. Once I got back on my feet, work kept me busy. It has been more than ten days since I made an appearance here. And on any other blogs. Sorry if I have not been visiting your blogs/posts oflate. Will catch up with reading and writing over the weekend. That's a promise.


  1. Oh yes, love is so magical! Get well soon, Soumya and take care of yourself! ♥

  2. Ah yes love makes things better. Good to hear you're better. Hope to have you in full form here soon.

  3. I know you hate sitting around love, but give some rest to your tired body too.. I hope you have completely recovered from whatever was troubling you..

    1. I know my dear and thankfully I am much much better now.

  4. Oops hit the enter button by mistake before I finished my previous comment.

    A poem out of haiku, now that's something. Trust you to come up with something like this :)

  5. Hope you get well soon. Keep writing such beautiful and sparkling words, Soumya:)

  6. lovely poem... and get well soon....

    visit my blog too please

  7. Wow. That's poignantly beautiful, Soumya. Good to know you're feeling better though :)

  8. ohhh how are you feeling now .. August hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Take care ... :)



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