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For The Love Of Food

Image Source My obsession with food and its aspects dates back to years ago. I still remember the day I first saw Sanjeev Kapoor on TV on the show ' Khana Khazana '. I would have been around five years old then. And yet I was fascinated by the various recipes that he showcased on his show. Since my mom is an excellent cook, I became her apprentice in the kitchen at a very young age. Soon I was churning out breakfast, lunch and dinner in between attending school and playing. I enjoyed cooking more than I enjoyed eating and it became an important part of my life at a very early stage. I started long ago and there had been no looking back since then. Tarla Dalal came next and I learnt to cook it up with her. Watching cookery shows and learning new things were as important to me as cooking. I did not fancy making the same thing again and again. I wanted variety in my cooking and that is what cookery shows gave me. Fast forward twenty years and today I cannot thank cable TV

One Night Stand

Reflection On My Soul

photo by Tess Kincaid I can never forget this day last year When I saw you for the first time That's when I believed in love at first sight In one glance, I had made you mine Your slender frame perfectly teased And those dark blue eyes spoke to me My heart was bound in poisoned barb One look from you set it free Your silky black tresses swayed to music I watched you with a smile on my face There was something so positive about you Every wound of mine you seemed to erase Your red lips sang a tune of its own Capturing me with every unsaid word I had won and lost on the same day Love does this to people I have heard I wanted to come and talk to you There was a lot that I had to say Looking at you, my body stood frozen I couldn't find my own way One blink and then you disappeared I looked for you all over the place There was not even a glimpse of you Everything suddenly felt like empty space I have never seen you s

Step Aside, Bollywood

Image Source Most of the Hindi movies these days are below average. Ofcourse there were quite a few good ones in between, but that happens very rarely. For a person like me who hates to stay at home during weekends, movies are the first place I go to for entertainment. But what happens when there is no good movie playing? I tried to shop, spent a lot of money but did not feel good enough. Went out drinking with my friends exploring the nightlife of the city , had a wonderful time and yet something was missing. You see there is no activity where you can put up your legs, munch on some popcorn and just unwind unless you are at the movies. So when no good movie was playing in town I decided to watch them at home itself. My husband and I make a large bowl of popcorn, pour in some Merlot and park ourselves on the couch and watch a few good old movies. The first time I heard about Stand Up Comedy was when a friend of mine shared a video of Russel Peters. I found it hilarious. I ende

Gated Memories

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart " It looks so odd Mom, please ask Dad to change it ", said young Ryan when he saw their new house for the first time. " It is important to your father darling. You need to understand that. " " Our house looks so beautiful but the look is ruined by this rusty gate. Why do we have to keep this? It deserves a place in trash. " " Memories, my son. This gate was a part of your grandfather's house, that is lying amidst ruins now. Your grandfather was a very hardworking man, he made this himself ." " Actually, it doesn't look all that bad now ." This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 18th September 2015 .

Why I Write

Image Source If I am having a crappy day Or when every thing is going alright I do not ponder over it too much I feel happy when I just write Poetry takes over me completely Elevating my day from drab to bright Everything seems to be sorted When I just sit down and write Fiction is a challenge to me But in a dark room it is my lone light I think of characters and their quirks The story just flows when I write Weird people are my favorite topic I write about them without a fright I only talk about what actually happened I don't see why I should not write It helps me clear the chaos in my mind Be it during day or in the middle of night Every piece just fits into the puzzle When I decide to sit back and write Most of my posts create controversies Tongues of others then begin to take flight While these losers are spending time stalking me I just laugh out loud and continue to write What I do is first for myself Thank

In Your Words - Part 4

Read Part 1  here  / Part 2  here  / Part 3 here . Image Source Alisah looks for her father and sees him walking towards her. " Shall we start our rounds ?" He asks with a smile. " Sure. " She says thinking that would give her time to think about the face that she had just seen. She plugs in her ipod and lets the music take over. She jogged slowly at first and then increased her speed gradually. The face refused to leave her though. She now knew who exactly he was, but a part of her mind refused to believe it. She could be mistaken as well. Into her fifth round, she felt a bit exhausted. She sat down at a nearby bench and stretched her muscles. In a few minutes her father joined her. " All okay darling? Your face is drained of color. What's wrong? " He asks sounding worried as he sits beside her. " Nothing, Pa. Ran a bit too fast than I usually do. That's it. " " Let's sit for a while and then get back. "

The Cafe On Thirteenth Floor

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields They say thirteen is an unlucky number but the only place available at my budget for me to start a cafe of my own was on the thirteenth floor. Cooking is my passion and I wanted to share it with every one. When I started I hardly got customers. But things changed after the fire. When the fire broke out almost all the stores in the building were burned down. But not a flame touched my cafe. It held on strong with nothing out of place. Today I get a lot of customers. They call this place the ' Lucky Cafe '. This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 4th September 2015 .

Do Not Let Go

Image Source The noose is the easy way How about trying to sort things out As a person you are beautiful Why do you dwell in self doubt It is hard to move on I know But the jump is not the way to ease the pain Get a grip and look at the positive side Do not let your life go in vain Failures and rejections are a part of life It does not define the person you are Learn something from every incomplete story Within yourself you end every war There is more than an episode In this really long journey called life Sometimes things look bright, sometimes dull It is a complex mixture of joy and strife The pills will only cause an abrupt end Your soul will never be completely free You will cause suffering to the ones who love you Their pain and melancholy you will continue to see A heartbreak might seem like the end of the world But weren't you alive before it happened Not every love story has a happy ending Start a new beginning

Action Replay - August 2015

Image Source Ah what a month this one has been. A month of severe action and non-action. A month of happiness and pain. A month of complacency and adventure. A month of being treated like a queen and yet feeling worthless. If you think that I have gone crazy, then you are not entirely wrong. My birthday month brought with it a lot of unexpected adventures. Some good and some nightmarish. But then you can't just sit back and watch life take a dig at you. You need to fight. Every day and every second. Forever. And so I did. It gave me the strength to bear a lot of things. Pain, emotional outbursts, annoying people and the urge to stay connected all the time. It also taught me a lot of lessons. Something that I'm going to follow forever. I've never been the person who discusses every detail of my life with others. Honestly, I don't even do that with my best friends. As much as an extrovert I am, some things are better left unsaid. The quote above had held good for me