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Do Not Let Go

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The noose is the easy way
How about trying to sort things out
As a person you are beautiful
Why do you dwell in self doubt

It is hard to move on I know
But the jump is not the way to ease the pain
Get a grip and look at the positive side
Do not let your life go in vain

Failures and rejections are a part of life
It does not define the person you are
Learn something from every incomplete story
Within yourself you end every war

There is more than an episode
In this really long journey called life
Sometimes things look bright, sometimes dull
It is a complex mixture of joy and strife

The pills will only cause an abrupt end
Your soul will never be completely free
You will cause suffering to the ones who love you
Their pain and melancholy you will continue to see

A heartbreak might seem like the end of the world
But weren't you alive before it happened
Not every love story has a happy ending
Start a new beginning from what seems to be the end

Your wrists are meant to wear joyous charms
Do not slash then in utter despair
Stop, breathe and count your other blessings
There are a lot of others who genuinely care

The crushing waters are meant for the hard rocks
They will not bring you any kind of solace
This too shall pass very soon
There will be an end to this agony phase

Everything happens for a reason
Experiences always help you grow
No matter how deep you fall
Hold on to hope, do not let go

Today's news paper is all about death. Either someone is being killed or someone is killing themselves. Since when did it get so easy to kill or die? Young kids are committing suicides over failed relationships or exams. Another girl planned her suicide so well that she spent days finding the perfect building to jump from as she thought that was the fool proof method to ensure death. And who told her this? Google. Abandon the Internet and go out there and mingle with people. Make friends, fall in love, live, laugh. Is it that hard? Or is it easier to just let go?


  1. It's a sad world! And honestly, it is easier to let go. I somehow can't. But I do wish I could learn the art of letting go when the people around me turn out to the nastier, unworthy ones.
    Poignant poem!

    1. Its important to let go of the bad things no doubt. But not hope.

  2. Suicide is so sad and so pointless. This is a beautiful reflection of it.

  3. TODAY at this moment I would reply that it is JUST easier to Let go ... I would give all I have to that person who can teach me to let go .. life would be BLISssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    1. Let go of what? Bad things, it is a good thing.

  4. I felt so sad reading all those news. The 13 year old or the 26 year old. You have said it so brilliantly - meet people, accept failure and share sorrows. No one should let life slip away like this :(

  5. It is really sad to read about young lives being put to an abrupt end because of such trivial reasons. No reason is a good enough reason to kill oneself. Well written Soumya!

    1. It really is a sad state to be in :(

      Thanks Reema!

  6. I really don't know where these people get such ideas and how they guts to end their lives. Living life requires much lesser courage than deciding to end one's life, And whatever problem there is, giving up is not the solution, it is not even an option. Hope your poem will inspire people to live a little more and stop dwelling in troubles.

  7. "I have committed the worst sin of all
    That a man can commit. I have not been Happy."


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