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Reflection On My Soul

photo by Tess Kincaid

I can never forget this day last year
When I saw you for the first time
That's when I believed in love at first sight
In one glance, I had made you mine

Your slender frame perfectly teased
And those dark blue eyes spoke to me
My heart was bound in poisoned barb
One look from you set it free

Your silky black tresses swayed to music
I watched you with a smile on my face
There was something so positive about you
Every wound of mine you seemed to erase

Your red lips sang a tune of its own
Capturing me with every unsaid word
I had won and lost on the same day
Love does this to people I have heard

I wanted to come and talk to you
There was a lot that I had to say
Looking at you, my body stood frozen
I couldn't find my own way

One blink and then you disappeared
I looked for you all over the place
There was not even a glimpse of you
Everything suddenly felt like empty space

I have never seen you since that day
Sometimes I wonder if you were actually there
Or did you come just to heal me
Sprinkling pixie dust on me with care

I hold on to those memories forever
That was the first time I have felt whole
Years may pass and I may not find you
But your reflection is present on my soul


  1. There are those people that leave an imprint forever in our souls.. indeed like a shadow, but still vividly clear...

  2. Pulling at the heart-strings! Lovely read.

  3. Beautiful, Soumya. I had goosebumps as I read this. You really brought it alive for me, the image of this woman :)

  4. Maybe it was better this way - that they never met and that it remained just a beautiful memory. You write beautifully.

  5. "Whoever loved that loved not at first sight..." Will S.

  6. You've got the lyrics here; now you just need the tune!

  7. This is a very sweet tale ... you are so good with rhymes :-)


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