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Against The World

photo: Daniel Murtagh There is more than a finger pointed at me But there are hundreds pointed back at them I'm busy with my own wonderful life While in their idle minds, baseless thoughts stem The only job that they have Is to put together invisible bits I'm too busy in my own real world I have no time for their meaningless skits They spend so much time thinking about me Stalking me everywhere like a ghost While they spend their time doing that I'm pouring champagne and raising a toast They make stories about me everyday I've already killed their characters in my head They crib, cry and complain non stop While I eat, drink and make merry instead Each one of them are poor lonely souls With nothing worth living in their life I've way too many things to care about Than the rumors that seem to run rife They pray to God and ask for my destruction While I just thank God for a wonderful day The happiness in my

Savings For A Middle Class Income

Image Source When you come from a middle class family, the only time you would hear the word "Savings" is due to the lack of it. I come from a family where both my parents had to work hard to make ends meet. The focus primarily was on having the basics first and then save. Growing up, I saw the struggle my parents had to go through to raise us in a matter that was considered apt for the society. My sister and I were put in the best of schools and colleges and were given the best education possible. When I turned eighteen, I decided that it was time that I took atleast my expenses on to myself. I started doing promotional jobs during weekends and holidays and thought that to be easy money. Once I finished college and joined a Corporate job, I understood how difficult it is to make money. A regular monthly income guarantees security, but I wanted something more than that. I wanted my money to work for me today and tomorrow. No matter how small the amount is. But unfortuna

The Right Thing

PHOTO PROMPT © Ron Pruitt " Are you sure you want to do this? Eloping is such a bad thing. " She tells him. They were running away to get married. With bags packed, they were waiting at the bus station to go somewhere far away. " We do not have a choice ." He says. " But we did not even tell them about us. What if they agree? " " What if they don't? " " Running away will bring such shame to our parents. They'll die of it. " " I do not want that to happen. Let's head back and talk to them. If they don't agree, let's try to convince them. " This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 23rd October 2015 .

A Drop Of Love #1000Speak

Image Source The topic for this month's #1000Speak is love. As busy as I am with work, I cannot not write about my favorite topic. Love is probably the second thing that everybody in the world needs. The first thing ofcourse is money. But there is a small sect of people, who need love first. Such people are the ones who know how to live. I for one am a firm believer of the above quote. Everybody is fighting a battle, if you cannot help the least you can do is be kind to them. Show them some love. No, you do not need to go over board and shower them with gifts. Small gestures will do. Maybe a hug or even a smile. Expressing love is something beyond materialistic pleasures. Love is a basic need and a want to all of us. Most of us are fortunate enough to have enough of it. But most of us are not generous enough to share. Let me talk about a few instances here. Maid Of Honor: I have seen people who do not allow their maids into the prime areas of the house. Mostly the kitche

Our Canvas

No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock Look closer, do you see my happy face The one where my eyes shine with joy Or do you see us walk together Holding hands, a girl and a boy Can you see that big bright heart The one that you stole from me Look at it still beating for you Concentrate, the fluctuations you can see Look at the silhouette of that mountain The memorable place of our first kiss  What do you think of the orange sun Or did your mind give that a miss Can you see the stream gushing by The place where we always met What about the bright winged kingfisher Our companion on this lovely set What do you think of this painting The one I painted day and night With sleep laden eyes I mixed colors Oblivious of darkness or light The day I finished our canvas I heard that you had left me I refused to believe it at first You loved me, so how could this be Turns out all of you was a facade Mocking me and my love all the w

The Narcissist

George Tooker, self-portrait I cannot stop looking into the mirror I drown in my own deep blue eyes I'm forever lost within myself Oblivious to others joys and cries I work hard for my perfect gait Watch every morsel that I eat I hit the gym twice a day Achieving a body like this is quite a feat Look at the sharpness of my nose It sits perfectly on my sculpted face My skin is all smooth and bright With no blemishes to erase My voice sounds all bold and husky More melodious than this conch's chime Tiredness doesn't get to my core I look this gorgeous all the time Oh lady, please don't fall in love with me I shall tear your heart apart What you think is Cupid's arrow Is actually my poisoned dart You will not mean a thing to me Beyond me, my eyes can't see You will never be good enough Even if you try hard to be I only shall think of myself My thoughts I cannot cram I can only love myself I&#

What Goes Around

Image Source " I need your help, please come get me. " She said. He was already driving to get her. She was his ex girlfriend who had dumped him for someone else. But when she had called saying that she was left alone on the road without money or transport, he had to go get her. " I can't believe he dumped me on the road like that, in the middle of night ." " It's okay, I'll drop you home. " " Do you think maybe we can get back together? " " I did this for the sake of humanity, nothing else. Remember, what goes around comes around ." Linking this drabble (100 word story) to the B-A-R: Wordy Wednesday #2 .

In Your Words - Part 5

Read Part 1  here  / Part 2  here  / Part 3  here / Part 4 here . Image Source Dinner continued to be a quiet affair after this revelation. Alisah finishes her meal and quietly walks back to her room. Her laptop was still on and she knew that Kay was waiting for her response to his poem, but Alisah was not in the right frame of mind to judge another person's work now. She goes to her balcony and sits on her swing, her favorite spot in the house. Her balcony opened out to an empty piece of land that was under dispute since ages. This brought in fresh air into her room and she loved it. Looking back to see if the door to her room was locked, she slowly removes the pack of cigarettes from her pajama pocket and lights one. As the smoke fills her lungs, she replays the dinner conversation in her mind again and again. Thoughts of Arjun floods her mind. Arjun, her Arjun. He was the favorite of everyone in her college. Students and teachers alike. The first time Alisah saw him, sh

Do Your Bit #FundAhamBhumika

Image Source " Akka, charge maadla? " She asks, pointing to the switch board and holding her phone and charger in her hands. I nod as she walks up the charging unit and plugs in her changer and attaches it to the phone. She waits for a few seconds to check if the phone is charging. From where I sit, all I can see is fluorescent light on her pale face. I haven't seen those type of phones since ages. Infact I'm not even sure they make them anymore. She leaves the phone on the floor and I ask her to leave it on the side table instead. She sheepishly smiles and does as told. I continue reading the newspaper and have my daily cup of morning tea while she walks to the backyard to wash the dirty laundry that welcomes her every morning. She is way too younger than me, but is already a mother of three. Her phone kept ringing as it charged and I heard the water tap go on and off many times. She answered the call and went back to work. This happened quite a number of tim


PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz " I do not want to go up there. Look how high it goes, I'm scared. " Tina tells her dad. " Come on my dear. It does go high, but it does come back down too. Just like life ." Her dad smiles at her. " What does that mean? " " You might have a lot of high points in your life, but one day it can all come down. Similarly, the low points in your life will not last forever as well. They will go up too. Life is all about this ." " I'll go on the ride as long as you are with me. " This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 9th October 2015 .

Action Replay - September 2015

Image Source Finally my kind of month came by. September has been one hell of a busy month and I was completely immersed in work. These are the kind of months that I love. I love to be busy and always occupied with something. Sitting idle and wondering what to do depresses the hell out of me. Last month was all about being sick and recuperating. This month thankfully has been a very healthy one and I'm back to being the annoying tyrant I always was. September was Cal's birthday month and I wanted it to be the best birthday that he has ever had. Arranging stuff for his birthday while being buried neck deep in work was quite challenging and thrilling at the same time. I got him a gift that he has wanted for ever and seeing his face light up in surprise and delight as he held the gift was something that I would cherish forever. I'm crazy about this man and I am not the one to leave any stone unturned to make sure that his face always has a smile on it. Early September