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A Drop Of Love #1000Speak

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The topic for this month's #1000Speak is love. As busy as I am with work, I cannot not write about my favorite topic. Love is probably the second thing that everybody in the world needs. The first thing ofcourse is money. But there is a small sect of people, who need love first. Such people are the ones who know how to live. I for one am a firm believer of the above quote. Everybody is fighting a battle, if you cannot help the least you can do is be kind to them. Show them some love. No, you do not need to go over board and shower them with gifts. Small gestures will do. Maybe a hug or even a smile. Expressing love is something beyond materialistic pleasures. Love is a basic need and a want to all of us. Most of us are fortunate enough to have enough of it. But most of us are not generous enough to share. Let me talk about a few instances here.

Maid Of Honor:

I have seen people who do not allow their maids into the prime areas of the house. Mostly the kitchen and seating area. Incase you want them to eat something, their plates and glass is left outside the house and you go serve them there. How disgusting and discriminating is that? Ever thought about what goes through their mind when you do this? Especially when you allow them into the kitchen only when you want it to be cleaned. Remember, you need the maid to do your basic chores. You cannot function without her. She can do something that you can't. She only needs your money. That clearly puts her on a higher pedestal than you. Treat her right. Show her some love. Love is not giving her your old clothes or unused utensils. Love is treating her like an equal. How many of you do that?

Delivering Love:

It is very easy to place an order online to buy the things that we love. Or to buy things for someone we love. But who delivers that love? The delivery boy. How many of us actually look at their face? Or even thank them? A phone call, a payment and your job is done. What about those men who travel in the hot sun carrying a huge bag along with your precious item. Don't they deserve to be respected? Next time, shake their hands. Ask for their name. Give them a smile. Offer them water. Thank them. Tell them they are doing a wonderful job. It will only take a few seconds from your end. But the delivery boy will feel loved and needed.

Man's Best Friend:

They say that every time a dog looks at his owner the same hormone is triggered as that when a human being falls in love. I have seen so many people pelt stones at strays and kick them. Some are kind enough to spare them some food and water, but refuse to touch them or pet them. I love dogs. They are so friendly and much much loyal when compared to a lot of people. I have a few regulars whom I meet regularly and pet them along with buying them food. They jump all over me and lick my face. I let them as I know that they feel loved and it makes them happy. The people who do this are just one in a thousand maybe. How hard is it to pet an animal? Believe me once you do, you will feel more loved than the dog himself.

He's Watching You:

The security guard on your street, do you know his name? I know you use him to run your petty errands, but do you thank him in return? You might give him ten bucks as a reward, but smile at him once and inquire about his family. Just see how the look on his face changes. He protects you all night so that you can sleep safely. The least you can do is talk to him nicely and make him feel wanted.

The Less Fortunate:

They can be anyone. Your plumber, cleaner, maid or some stranger who clearly is less fortunate than you have been. But that doesn't mean that you look down upon them. They are humans too, wanting to be accepted and loved. But do you understand that or are you just happy to have them do your work while you sit and sip your hot coffee and flip through your phone?

Love is more than what is shared between a man and a woman. Love is more than the relationship of a mother and a child. Love is more than being pampered and showered with gifts. Love is all about acceptance and respecting the person for what they are.  Love is a small element of kindness. Love is a smile to a weary soul. It costs nothing, and yet people are too scared to give it away.

Let go off the pride and the ego. Shower a drop of love on someone today and see how it shall make a difference in your life.

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  1. Such a beautiful article about so lovely a subject! You summed up the concept admirably! Love is a blessing, which isn't granted to everyone. Those who have it should dole it out to the unfortunate ones indiscriminately. It's a gift, that keeps on giving!

  2. True, small gestures, a kind word and even a smile can make a big difference. really hate it when people treat their house helps with so much disdain. Have known some who keep separate utensils for them when they are one the ones who cook and wash for them. And those who take young boys and girls to take care of their kids at restaurants and resorts and keeping them away when food is served. It's time people practice compassion and empathy and show love to the ones who make life easier and simpler for us.

  3. My parents have taught me to respect everyone - and this everyone means literally everyone and not just the ones who are privileged. My maid has tea with me on our dining table and I do not treat her differently than I would a guest. Same goes for plumber, watchman and the like. In fact, these are the people who really know the value of respect.

    As for others, we have to show love and respect everybody. However, one should also try to be loveable by returning a smile, or a 'hi' or just a wave from a distance. It is more of a give and take. I wouldn't show too much love to a person who smiles back at me only when they are in a good mood.

    1. I think you should treat people the way they treat you.

  4. I do feel that lucky are the ones who get love .. and lucky are those who CAN give love tooooo ..

    it is a pity that in todays day and age we treat a fellow human being like that .. compassion is the need of the hour


  5. Such a beautiful thought, Soumya! It is a pity to see people not respect each other. One random smile from a stranger can actually brighten a gloomy day. We should learn to smile and appreciate people more often.

  6. This was penned with a lot of feelings and love, Soumya. Kudos to you for showing us a mirror. Loved it!

  7. What a lovely post and I was nodded at each one of the points you have called out. Love has no language. You need to shower on others to be showered with more and more love. Fabulous!


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