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Our Canvas

No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock

Look closer, do you see my happy face
The one where my eyes shine with joy
Or do you see us walk together
Holding hands, a girl and a boy

Can you see that big bright heart
The one that you stole from me
Look at it still beating for you
Concentrate, the fluctuations you can see

Look at the silhouette of that mountain
The memorable place of our first kiss 
What do you think of the orange sun
Or did your mind give that a miss

Can you see the stream gushing by
The place where we always met
What about the bright winged kingfisher
Our companion on this lovely set

What do you think of this painting
The one I painted day and night
With sleep laden eyes I mixed colors
Oblivious of darkness or light

The day I finished our canvas
I heard that you had left me
I refused to believe it at first
You loved me, so how could this be

Turns out all of you was a facade
Mocking me and my love all the way
The pain that you left behind
Kills me slowly everyday

Look closer, what do you see
Do you see my kohl smudged eyes
Laden with tears, screaming out
Coming to terms with all your lies

The painting I created with so much love
Is now no less than an eye sore
The colors have lost their hues
Just like my very core

I witnessed the images melt away
With no way of turning it back
Helpless I stood and watched
As our love faded into black


  1. Oh dear. The way this began, I did not imagine it taking the direction it took. But you transitioned very well. Nicely done, Soumya. :)

  2. Beautifully written, rather moving...

  3. Wow... you really know how to analyze a painting and turn it inside out, doncha? :D
    I actually sat here staring at the pic searching for the big bright heart, mountain and stream!

  4. So painful! Beautifully written, Soumya.

  5. That was so sad. Heartbreak very well portrayed. Best however to let go and move on.

  6. So sad, I could trace the deterioration from happy where colours may be in play but sadness sunk into and dark and distortion crept in.

  7. Painful, intense and so well written.

  8. Omy Sowmya... I love the verse. Beautiful. Melancholic. Intense. Crisp. And yet so flowing...

  9. :-( This was so intense and heart-breaking .

  10. beautiful and touching lines. superb!

  11. A sad story.. I think that images will fade, and memories will die.. somehow it's togetherness than colors life.

  12. You bring back some memories with this piece :(

  13. Nice transition to the demise. Favorite phrase: "With sleep laden eyes"


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