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Hole In Your Soul

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To all those wishing ill for others
Don't you have anything else to do
How do you manage to live like that
To yourselves, do you think you are true

Stop cribbing about what happened in the past
Start a new life and just move on
There is no point in holding on to anger
Especially when the events are long gone

Don't look at the world with hatred
What you see is a reflection of you
Try to find joy in small things
Let go of the old and embrace the new

Do not be divided by religion
Remember, we are all human beings first
Do not be influenced by others
You don't have to quench others vengeful thirst

God created all of us as one
Why the desperate need to divide
Inspite of having the whole world as ours
Why still the need to run and hide

While we are watching the clear sky
There are some of us living in fear
Can't we even say a prayer for them
I'm sure this they will hear

Or have we just lost our humanity
Concentrating only on our own life
Can you turn a deaf ear to endless screams
Or be oblivious to others strife

Think twice before picking the gun
Is this your life's only goal
You need to be dead inside to kill them
Else you definitely have a hole in your soul


  1. Well said. So wise! I especially like the last stanza about having to be dead inside with a hole in their soul. They must be like that to kill while expressing such hatred and total disregard towards humanity.

  2. Beautifully summed it up...well done.

  3. I don't know what is happening to the world...You have raised a poignant point...Very well written lines

  4. Beautifully written. I hope this reaches every soul.

  5. It's terrible to see such mindless murder of innocent. :( Powerfully expressed.

  6. This poem struck a chord with me. Positive feeling, vibe and energy. We can all do with love than hatred.

  7. You have nailed it Soumya. Your words holds the message to the misery happening around the world. I hope we have had enough and some where we have also reached saturation in pain.

    You need to be dead inside to kill them
    Else you definitely have a hole in your soul.... My favorite lines:)

  8. Can I dedicate this to someone I know whose soul is one big hole?


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