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Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again
Of the stony path way and the pretty garden
I dreamt about the time I spent there
Memories of which are now a burden

I was a stranger in that big mansion
Every single article there reeked of you
Nobody pointed a hateful finger at me
But when I looked into their eyes, I knew

An outsider to them I always was
An outline of you but poorly sketched
I could not break the walls around them
In their heart and soul, you were already etched

I survived with the hope that you'll be gone one day
And that all your things would become mine
Your invisible magic worked in such a way
That when they did come, they had lost its shine

From the housekeeper to the pesky neighbor
They tried to find a part of you in me
I was simple and nothing like you
What I actually am, they did not want to see

I did not want to be your second fiddle
And yet I was reduced to one
I came here with the man I love
But to call mine, I have none

When the truth broke out
I felt such immense joy
I then thought everything shall be fine
But I just walked into another of your ploy

Oh Rebecca, what is it about you
Why is your presence still so strong
I'm the protagonist and still unnamed
I wonder where exactly did I go wrong

You took it all away from me
You were the ultimate heroine all the while
Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again
The one which is now reduced to an ash pile

Rebecca - The book that refuses to leave my mind and soul. A review would not have done justice to the book. Last night as I struggled to sleep, I don't know why I thought of Manderley. And its unnamed heroine. I tried to put it off my mind but it refused to leave. The result? Here it is.


  1. This is just super. To put an entire book like this. Amazing. Rebecca is one of my favourite reads. It's such a coincidence just last week I did a post on the 'unnamed heroine' from the book and read the book yet again.

    1. Thank you Tulika! Your post caused me to dream about it.

  2. Mysterious and sensational. An ode to Rebecca and would love to know more about her.

  3. Wow! This has got me intrigued. Haven't read this book yet but it's been in my TBR list for far too long now!

  4. Wow!... This Poem transcends beauty. It's magical. No doubt you are one of the best indian bloggers :)

  5. So so beautifully written Soumya..this should easily be one of your best posts!

  6. I haven't read the book yet. Looking forward to it :-D

    By the way, loved your disclaimer :-p


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