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I, Foodie

Joachim Buecklaer, 1560

Nothing gives me more happiness
Like the way some good food does
I love eating and talking about it
As well as cooking without a fuss

Food to me is a sacred art
Everything about it is so nice
I create master pieces everyday
Some with sugar, some with spice

I love the various food groups
But I lean more towards meat
A big juicy steak is all that I need
With all the sizzle and that heat

Cooking to me is a stress buster
I'm wondering what to create today
Do I use the skinned rabbit
Or shall I let the duck have a say

The apples look so fresh and crunchy
With the cabbage, they shall make a great slaw
Maybe I can pickle the carrots as well
It's so simple, there can't be a flaw

I'll make a dessert out of the plums
Served with some custard and cream
Or should I just make a crumble of berries
The dish that always appears in my dream

The grapes look so ripe and tempting
I'll just munch on them as I cook
I have recipes etched in my mind
I don't need to refer any book

What do I do with these fresh figs
I guess I'll poach them in some red wine
Will serve them with some vanilla ice cream
I know they will taste so juicy and fine

Even after a tiring day at work
The kitchen is a place I love to go
Pots and pans are good friends of mine
Somewhere they have helped me grow

This passion of mine I always cherish
With a great meal, I feel so good
I don't need much to feel content
Just give me a delicious plate of food

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 296.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous work...simple and elegant!

  2. Hi Soumya! I can't relate to any other poems but this one exactly. Every sentence is so true and I can get connected to it with ease :) Food is so much important to me and my life, not only on the basis of nurture, but also to tune in the mood and everything... The topic can take me to infinity. I love it so much!

  3. OK, now I am REALLY hungry! Thank you for sharing this mouth-watering poem!

  4. Soumya, you served us a buffet here. Right from starters to desserts. Lovely foodie post. Wait, a mouth watering post actually. Food is a perfect mood-upper for me too. I think we share the foodie trait in common. Kudos girl!

  5. Hunger pervades my consciousness! Yummy!

  6. that was fab! Now, I'm hungry!!
    I was wondering what to make for dinner and now all I can think of are apples!! :D :D

    1. Hahaha, I hope you made something out of those apples :)

  7. Wow ! That was an amazing take on the topic of food. Did did you manage writing it without getting hungry ? :p

    1. No! I baked an apple pie as soon as I wrote this.

  8. I am not so much of a foodie but I understand passion and one could see that through your poetry Soumya :)

  9. Such delightful musicality to this!

  10. The poem reflects your passion as a foodie as well as your cooking skill. Though I do not fancy cooking much, I should say I loved the way you have described your love for cooking and food.

    The line from your poem describes your love for food and cooking:
    The grapes look so ripe and tempting
    I'll just munch on them as I cook

    In that one poem, you have completely described how passionate you are!!


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