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Rejuvenated: Part 1

Image Source Aaaaannnd I'm back! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I was away on a break for the last five days. And by a break, I mean a vacation. And by a vacation I mean an actual vacation and not like the break that went wrong last time. I've been overworked since the past few months. But I clearly suck at taking breaks . The last time we took a holiday was in May last year. We have been so happy at out own place that we did not feel the need for a vacation then. But wanderlust struck again and we decided it was time to do something about it. We went and came back. After spending five days in temperatures under sub zero, Bangalore welcomed us with its blistering heat. I can't believe what has happened to Bangalore these days. Winter lasted for exactly two days and then boom! The scorching sun is back with all its prickliness. I miss the good old Bangalore at times and yet there is no other place in the world where I would want to stay. Bangalo


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Book Review: Gone Girl

Image Source Title: Gone Girl Author: Gillian Flynn Publisher: Orion Publishing Group Genre: Thriller/ Drama Price: Rs. 144 on Amazon  (I'm surprised as to why it is priced so less!) Pages: 422 I was surprised by how cold Rosamund Pike was as the character of Amy in the movie. But when I read the book, I knew. I had loved the movie immensely and have been wanting to read the book since a very long time. Very rarely do I feel like reading the book after watching the movie. I mean when you know the ending, what is the fun in reading right? While the movie has shown Amy's character brilliantly, Nick's character wasn't explored much. I wanted to know what went through his mind during all the drama that unfolded. After all, there are always two sides to a story. The screenplay of the movie by the author herself, was so perfect that I went ahead and bought a collection of her books to be read on my Kindle. Sharp Objects , Dark Places and Gone Girl . I sta

Watch Your Back

Image Source Many of them admire your lithe frame While some secretly undress you A bunch of them would claim to be your friends Only a hand full of them will remain true Many will envy your deep dark eyes And yet praise you every time Your hoarse husky bold voice To some will sound like a chime They will always smile at you Watching you through your bone As much as they throw their love at you Some just wish you turn into a stone You'll be called names one too many Ignore them like you always do Nobody like the ones who speak the truth And it's not only hatred they feel for you They talk about your style non stop They think that you dress like a whore Your independent streak they cannot handle They cannot believe that you're your own oar The world has become a very weird place No respect for those who live their own life While many may applaud your choices Quite a few are wielding a knife You're popula

What Not To Wear

Image Source When it comes to clothes, I'm very particular about everything. Right from the color, to the fabric, to the cut to the pattern - I want everything to be perfect. I have been very particular about fashion since I was very young. When I was not earning, I used to dress in anything that was wearable. I have had enough of my share of faux pas. But once I turned eighteen and started taking up promotional jobs, I used to save up money to buy good clothes for myself. No, I was not an ardent fashion follower, I just wanted to wear something that suited me and what I was comfortable in. This continues till date. When I was a size zero around 5-6 years ago, almost anything I wore used to suit me. But once I started gaining weight, I became more conscious of the clothes I wear. That was when I started dressing according to body type, keeping in mind the current trends. Today I know what cuts suit me best and what colors and patterns I can carry off very well. I'm pretty

Monday Musings #8

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Scarlet Rose

photo by Ed Ross Scarlet Rose, that's what she was called In fact nobody even knew her actual name Her beauty stunned man and woman alike The very beauty you see in this frame She was like a gift from God Always smiling and spreading joy Some men wanted to capture her But she refused to be any one's toy She loved people for what they are Helping everyone and sprinkling pixie dust As long as one had a heart Falling in love with her was a must She never spoke anything about herself But her eyes always said a sad tale She made up for it by smiling too wide And singing beautifully like a nightingale She always wore a dozen roses in her hair They remained strong in their desired place Many longed to be her silky tresses And yet she turned them all away with grace Nobody knew where she stayed But when she sensed troubled she was here Laughing along making others laugh Helping people let go off their fear No one was s

Eat, Pray, Debate

Image Source I am a feminist alright. The good kind, not the male bashing ones. I think that women are equal to men and need no special privileges or reservations. I am a pretty cool person when it comes to feminist issues. I just express my view and stay still. But there are a few things doing the rounds on the Internet which would offend every woman on the planet. The above image you see, came to me via a whatsapp message. Before I could get over adjusting my eyes to such stupidity, I saw the same thing on Facebook as well. Out of curiosity and because I wanted to, I checked the comments on the picture. While most women have expressed outrage over it, most men have laughed and agreed with what the image is trying to portray. Love marriage is still somewhat considered a taboo in our country. Some people would go on to demean the concept of love no matter what. Even my marriage was said to be a love+arranged marriage to some guests. Most parents can't get over the fact that

Show Me The Money

Image Source When you have worked in the IT industry for as long as I have, you will know that almost everyone here is craving for money. While 99% of them work their ass off filling documents to get a chance to go onsite, the rest 0.9% percent are cribbing about not having a decent salary. I on the other hand, happen to be one of those rare 0.1%, who is not bothered about either. I think I get a good salary and am more than content with it. My work place is a stone throw away from home, I love the work I do and I get enough time to follow all my other passions. That is more important to me than a big fat pay cheque. Going onsite to the US of A is something that has never fascinated me. I have had my share of travel years ago and I'm sure that I do not want to do it again. I do not want to leave my husband and family behind to go earn in dollars. If a hike comes my way, I graciously accept it with a smile. If it doesn't, I just let it be. No point in cribbing anyway. Th

Monday Musings #7

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

PHOTO PROMPT ©  Melanie Greenwood " Ram, what are we doing here? " I ask him again. " I'm taking you for a holiday, Reema ." He says casually. " But we can't leave now. What about the kids? And mom and dad? Who will take care of them when I'm gone? I haven't informed the maid either ." A dozen thoughts were plaguing my mind. " Darling, I have asked my sister to stay with them for a few days. You have been working so hard all these years, you need a break. Come on now, else we'll miss the flight ." I smile and walk with him to the boarding counter. This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 8th January 2016 .

Live It Up In Style With The #ASUSZenpad7.0

The ASUS ZenPad 7.0 with the Audio Cover I got an early Christmas gift this year when ASUS sent me a brand new Zenpad 7.0 and asked me to review the product. Straight up, I'm not a really big fan of tablets. The Ipad I have has been hardly used ever since I got it. I find it difficult to type a blog post on a tablet, or to watch a movie on it. Also, the Ipad is pretty huge and it is not very easy to carry it around. I had attended the launch of the product a few months earlier and I was surprised to see that it looked sleek and compact. Only after I was sure that this is something that I could use, I asked the ASUS guys to send me the product. I did not want another gadget lying around at home without any use to me. As promised, I got the gadget within a week and the package held two boxes. It was completely sealed and came in straight from the company. One box held the Zenpad, while the other held the audio cover. It was pretty easy to set up the gadget as I followed the

I'll Come Running To You

Charing Cross Road, 1937 by Wolfgang Suschitzky I know you are going through a lot I want to help you get over it I know you do not want to talk about her Holding your hands, I'll quietly sit I know the pain is too much to bear A broken heart takes time to heal I'll offer you my heart until then Maybe then you'll know how I feel She broke your heart and left That is something I'll never do I have loved you since forever Look into my eyes, you'll see its true You were way too good for her I wonder how this you couldn't see My heart bled every time she used you And now you have to pay the fee I'm aching along with you Let me stand by your side You can share some of my strength I'll help you sail through the tide I shall always be here for you Together, we shall get past this I'll show you how to find happiness In tiny moments of unexpected bliss No matter what time of the day it is C

In Sickness And In Health

Image Source I'm currently reading a book called ' Lightning ' by Danielle Steel. The story is about the protagonist Alex Parker who is one day diagnosed with breast cancer and how she and her family come to terms with it, especially after the perfect family life that they have been living until now. She's forty two years old and has a four year old daughter who is the apple of her eye. She has a mastectomy where her left breast is removed and she has to go through chemotherapy for the next six months. This takes a toll on her body as well as her career as a successful attorney. Her body has become shapeless thanks to a missing breast, she's gaining wait due to the chemo and is losing her long red locks by the day. But the biggest loss for her during this time turns out to be her husband. Sam Parker is in complete denial about his wife's ailment. He doesn't want to come to terms with it and begins avoiding her completely. After losing his mother to c

Writing Goals: 2016

Image Source The first post of 2016 had to be about writing as that is the most important thing for me this year apart from my regular job. The new year started off with a bang and not much of a hangover, so I have been thinking clearly and know what all I want to do this year. No, I'm not listing down my resolutions here. Hell, I don't even have them. My writing has gone through a lot over the past seven years (yes, it has been seven years!) and I need to start taking it more seriously now and be true to myself and what I think. I see a lot of discussion on Facebook regarding blogging and what are the changes to be made for the new year. I read every comment like a silent spectator and I did nod when I agreed with what someone had to say. Blogging somehow has become a way of life for me, and I'm going to make the most of it this year. So the goals for 2016 are: Write what I want: More than 1000 posts on my blog and every single one of it has my heart, blood and