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I'll Come Running To You

Charing Cross Road, 1937 by Wolfgang Suschitzky

I know you are going through a lot
I want to help you get over it
I know you do not want to talk about her
Holding your hands, I'll quietly sit

I know the pain is too much to bear
A broken heart takes time to heal
I'll offer you my heart until then
Maybe then you'll know how I feel

She broke your heart and left
That is something I'll never do
I have loved you since forever
Look into my eyes, you'll see its true

You were way too good for her
I wonder how this you couldn't see
My heart bled every time she used you
And now you have to pay the fee

I'm aching along with you
Let me stand by your side
You can share some of my strength
I'll help you sail through the tide

I shall always be here for you
Together, we shall get past this
I'll show you how to find happiness
In tiny moments of unexpected bliss

No matter what time of the day it is
Call me when ever you are feeling blue
I'll fight the sun, snow or the rain
I shall come running to you

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 300.


  1. Wow.. This is so beautiful, Soum <3 There is so much of beauty even in the bleakest of situations.

  2. The ultimate in support, we should be so fortunate to have someone like this in our corner!

  3. Wow..!! That is such a beautiful piece Soumya :)


  4. A poem of devotion - waiting patiently for the rain to subside...

  5. True love will definitely mean and say something like this-

    "I'm aching along with you
    Let me stand by your side
    You can share some of my strength
    I'll help you sail through the tide"

    Beautiful words Soumya.

  6. That's beautiful. To feel someone's pain as your own and to know how to console him - that's a rare gift for them both.

  7. So beautiful !! Loved it to bits Soumya :)

  8. Beautiful Soumya. You've brought our the emotions so well!

  9. It's always a great feeling to know that you have someone you can count on. no matter what. Beautifully penned, Soumya

    1. Thank you, Sid! It always is a great feeling when someone who doesn't like poetry much appreciates one :)


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