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Scarlet Rose

photo by Ed Ross

Scarlet Rose, that's what she was called
In fact nobody even knew her actual name
Her beauty stunned man and woman alike
The very beauty you see in this frame

She was like a gift from God
Always smiling and spreading joy
Some men wanted to capture her
But she refused to be any one's toy

She loved people for what they are
Helping everyone and sprinkling pixie dust
As long as one had a heart
Falling in love with her was a must

She never spoke anything about herself
But her eyes always said a sad tale
She made up for it by smiling too wide
And singing beautifully like a nightingale

She always wore a dozen roses in her hair
They remained strong in their desired place
Many longed to be her silky tresses
And yet she turned them all away with grace

Nobody knew where she stayed
But when she sensed troubled she was here
Laughing along making others laugh
Helping people let go off their fear

No one was sure if she was an actual person
People were just happy having her around
And one day she just disappeared
For years she was no where found

All that remains is this sole picture of hers
Her presence is still felt like she left never
Scarlet Rose, that's what she was called
She'd be remembered today and for forever

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 301.


  1. Beautifully written on the mystery woman that she was:)

  2. Such a vivid character sketch. Nicely done, Soumya. :)

  3. There's something haunting about this picture and your poem just takes it to the next level. Makes me want to look at her face again and again.

  4. Wow! Such a lovely poem. Beautifully written Soumya :)

  5. Nice combination of picture and poem. Beautiful !

  6. Beautifully done. Love that you kept the mystery till the end and left it to us to imagine the rest


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