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The Corporate Homemaker

Image Source Today, I complete eight years of corporate life. Yes, eight long years with the same company. During the third year of my engineering, I was placed in the big blue and a day after my final fourth year exams, I joined the company. My joining location was Chennai and I hated the place from the time I set my foot into it. I was away from my family for the first time ever and for a true blood Bangalorean to survive in a place like Chennai is really difficult. I cribbed and complained and cribbed some more. Plus, since I was away, my long distance relationship went kaput and I was not in the right frame of mind to stay in an alien city. After four grueling months, I got a transfer and I was back in Bangalore. Since that day, there has been no looking back. People say that work is worship, I don't know that exactly. But work for me is a lifeline that I cannot do without. My job might not be the greatest in the world, but I love it. The feeling of being financially in


copyright-Rich Voza " Is it that important for you to go and settle in the US? " Ria asks Rohan with tears in her eyes. " Absolutely. You know how hard I've worked to get here. I'm going and I want you to come with me. " " I can't leave my parents behind, you know that. I'm all they have. " " We'll come visit them every year. Come on Ria, once we're married I think it's better we settle down there. " " But this the place I belong to. I do not want to leave ." " I will have to ." " Do I have a say? " " No ." " Okay then, goodbye ." This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 24th June 2016 .

Treating Food Right

Image Source It is no hidden secret that I'm a food lover. Check my last poem for instance. I think good food is a luxury and it is not something that should be taken for granted. Why do we all work? Why do we all struggle to make some decent money? At the end of the day we all are doing this to have a good meal and fill our stomachs. I am someone who thinks that food should be cooked for the right number of people and nothing should go waste. At our office cafeteria we have a board that shows the number of kilos of food wasted per day. Today I saw that it said the food wasted yesterday was 70 kilos and that it could have fed 175 people. My heart just broke as I saw this. There are so many people around the world who do not have a basic meal to eat and here we corporate slaves are wasting food everyday. I'm not too sure how this can be controlled in an office environment. Maybe one should be given the chance to taste the food before actually getting it on to the plate.

Love At Every Sight

Image Source When I look at you It is all about love and lust Your presence in my life Has now become a must It was love at first sight And then the second and the third My heart then speaks to you Its beats I'm sure you've heard Oh dear, how pretty you look I just cannot take my eyes off you This is not the first time I've been in love But this time I know it's true Holding you makes me feel so nice When my lips touch you I feel so high Your fragrance intoxicates me In happiness I want to fly People asked me to stay away from you They say you're not good for me I don't care what they have to say You and me together, I can see I love the way you dress up I could sit and look at you every day My eyes then talk to you When I do not have a word to say I crave for you every second Smoking hot, you always look Round has never been this good before Be it in any magazine or book Oh dear, how

Book Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy #1)

Image Source Title: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Author: Stieg Larsson Publisher: Quercus; UK film tie-in ed edition (7 January 2010) Genre: Thriller Price: Rs. 198 on Amazon . Pages: 542 When I looking to read more thrillers, my dearest friend Sreesha suggested this book. Almost instantly I placed an order and within a minute the book was on my kindle. I started it with zero expectations. When a book is translated into English from Swedish, you do expect it to not have much of finesse. And if the original title of the book meant ' Men who hate women ', then your interest would automatically tend to pique. This is what happened to me too. But then the story shook me to the core. The book is divided in to fours parts and each part talks about the atrocities that the women of Sweden have had to face. In fact, actual statistics are mentioned. There are three parallel tracks in the book. First follows the life of Mikael Blomkvist who is a financial journ

His & His #PrayForOrlando

Image Source In an instant, everything changed The music soon turned to a scream It all unfolded like a painful drama Scarier than any ghastly dream It happened right in front of me In a room that was filled with love One second people were holding hands Then it all became about push and shove We all were trying to survive The world looks down upon us anyway All we did was fall in love And yet others had lots to say The first shot shook me up From where I was, I saw him fall The screams of others blinded me  For help, I couldn't even call He shot at the crowd randomly Spitting and hurling abuses all the while I ran and hid in the bathroom When I looked back I saw the bodies pile I managed to call my mother Told her I loved her for the last time She couldn't believe what was happening Loving someone was not a crime He did come for me soon I lay down, pretending to be dead I thought he would walk past me Bu

Mama's Girl

Image Source I've always been a fiercely independent woman and I hate dependency of any kind. Depending on someone else for anything completely ticks me off. This is the very reason why I don't have a maid or a cook at home. I don't like waiting around for someone to get my own things done. More often than not a man who is dependent on his mother for everything is called a "Mama's Boy". And every woman hates such a man. Because who wants to be stuck around with a man who waits for his mother to do things for him or follows her orders to the tee. The mother clearly holds the leash of the son and guides his every move. Sadly she refuses to let go off the leash even when he has a new woman in his life now. Yes, we have all heard of the quintessential Mama's boy. What about the Mama's girl? At the risk of feminists boycotting my blog and dissing this post, I'm still going to come out and say this. The concept of Mama's girl does exist and i


Image Source It's only on rainy days That I think of you The memories piercing Still fresh as dew It rained that day When you held my hand As you held me close Against the wet land Those drops of water Sliding down your lips Made me go crazy As your hands felt my hips Love or lust, hard to say Meant something, it sure did You and I, together Naked emotions, nothing hid The passion was great As we created fire Embedded in one another We learnt about desire Year after year The feeling did last And then it all went dark Like a shadow was cast It was over quick Just the way it did start There was not much pain Just a void in the heart Love or lust, hard to say Most days I just don't care Yet when the rains come down You still are present somewhere It's a sign of your presence In the petrichor I look for you A part of me does hope that Perhaps, you're doing that too

For The Love Of Books

Image Source They take you on an adventerous journey Even with blind eyes you can take a look You get to meet so many people In a magical land called 'The Book' A plethora of new words you shall learn Knowledge is hidden in every nook Get carried away in the flow of the language Just lay your hands on any book You'll witness murders and feel the pain You may even fall in love with the crook A million lives you shall live through them All within the confines of a book You'll get new ideas of romance Some will keep you at the edge of a hook It may take a turn any side To know it, you must finish the book Some of them take place in a skyscraper Some classics just stick to the brook The stories are what remains with you Long after you're done with the book A family affair or a court room drama Murderous tendencies that will leave you shook You will come to love all of these When you immerse yourself in a bo

Action Replay: May 2016

Image Source Only seven posts last month. Do I need to say how busy I was? Well, it was not only that. After the over hectic blogging that happened during April, I intentionally took it slow last month. I normally am someone who would write five posts a week, but this time I could barely come up with one a week. Work was drowning me with back to back projects. But you know what? I enjoyed it to the core. If there is one thing that I love, it is being busy. Even if it means I do not have a few minutes to spare. This month was completely like that. But I did plan well. And this time blogging was not a priority for me. Twenty six posts in April and that too 'All about me', squeezed every ounce of writing energy from my body. I then focused on something else that I was lagging behind. Reading. I read three books this month and I'm half way through the fourth one. This is the pace I love in reading. I normally try to finish a book in a day or two, but with work piling on