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For The Love Of Books

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They take you on an adventerous journey
Even with blind eyes you can take a look
You get to meet so many people
In a magical land called 'The Book'

A plethora of new words you shall learn
Knowledge is hidden in every nook
Get carried away in the flow of the language
Just lay your hands on any book

You'll witness murders and feel the pain
You may even fall in love with the crook
A million lives you shall live through them
All within the confines of a book

You'll get new ideas of romance
Some will keep you at the edge of a hook
It may take a turn any side
To know it, you must finish the book

Some of them take place in a skyscraper
Some classics just stick to the brook
The stories are what remains with you
Long after you're done with the book

A family affair or a court room drama
Murderous tendencies that will leave you shook
You will come to love all of these
When you immerse yourself in a book

You can get lost in them anytime
While you travel or as you cook
For me, there definitely is not a world
Where I am without a book


  1. Wonderful! When it comes to poetry, you are a champ. :)

  2. Wow ! Awesome one Soumya! I was reminded of Aathira Jim as I read this ! :D I am the person who reads while waiting at my kid's dance rehearsals. My reading time is confined to rehearsals and classes!

    1. Hahaha, oh yeah Aathira is the book girl, always :D

  3. Absolutely loved this one.. you have put my words into the poem.

  4. Books indeed take us to places of our dreams. Beautiful write.

  5. I admire how you've covered so many genres of reading in a single poem and managed to cover the impact that each of them have on us :) Well done, babe!

  6. Truly sowmya, you have brought out so many genres of books. But yes books are a window to a totally whole new world...


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