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Love At Every Sight

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When I look at you
It is all about love and lust
Your presence in my life
Has now become a must

It was love at first sight
And then the second and the third
My heart then speaks to you
Its beats I'm sure you've heard

Oh dear, how pretty you look
I just cannot take my eyes off you
This is not the first time I've been in love
But this time I know it's true

Holding you makes me feel so nice
When my lips touch you I feel so high
Your fragrance intoxicates me
In happiness I want to fly

People asked me to stay away from you
They say you're not good for me
I don't care what they have to say
You and me together, I can see

I love the way you dress up
I could sit and look at you every day
My eyes then talk to you
When I do not have a word to say

I crave for you every second
Smoking hot, you always look
Round has never been this good before
Be it in any magazine or book

Oh dear, how much I love you
Stay with me morning, noon and night
I'll never ever give up on you
With you, it'll always be love at every sight


  1. Now that's a poem I can appreciate. Delish! *burp*

  2. Haha! Yummy poetry! It's something i could have written myself, for that beauty sitting pretty in a plate! 😀

  3. I have known your love for food- pizza , pasta ever since I have started reading your blog. One of the die hard, dedicated and passionate foodies I have known till now. After reading this, I remembered another poem you had written where you describe your passion for cooking and the love for food.

    Loved this. And I love the other poem more. :)

    1. Yes I have written a lot of stuff revolving around food :D

  4. I absolutely love pizza. You can tell by my size, can't you? ;) I love all Italian, of course, but a well-made, hand tossed, wood fire pizza with all the right toppings, oh my! The verse is so beautifully double layered in sense and meaning. Enjoyed this piece :)

  5. Oh just give it to me already! What a delicious poem!!!

  6. Ha ha.. ode to a pizza. Delicious.

  7. hmm,pizzas look great with all those decorations or presentation,but one will feel uncomfortable with stomach after having it.why to eat something that's uncomfortable to stomach.did ya ever see italians eating dosa or uthappams like we eat piizas in india. onion red chilly paste dosa with bombay chutney is most tastiest and is comfortable to stomach.i dunno why people are fond of burgers and pizzas which are uncomfortable to stomach and unhealthy. we should sell dosas in rome,hahaha.....i don't think anyone would buy like indians buy pizzas .

  8. Yum yum yum! Spicy poem, pizzas rule! <3

  9. Haha! Pizza love inspired poetry! :D
    That plate sure does look tempting though :P
    - Chicky @

  10. ahaha, you make me laugh! You are a great master of the word! can be handy for you! Follow the link and look through the propositions!


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