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It's only on rainy days
That I think of you
The memories piercing
Still fresh as dew

It rained that day
When you held my hand
As you held me close
Against the wet land

Those drops of water
Sliding down your lips
Made me go crazy
As your hands felt my hips

Love or lust, hard to say
Meant something, it sure did
You and I, together
Naked emotions, nothing hid

The passion was great
As we created fire
Embedded in one another
We learnt about desire

Year after year
The feeling did last
And then it all went dark
Like a shadow was cast

It was over quick
Just the way it did start
There was not much pain
Just a void in the heart

Love or lust, hard to say
Most days I just don't care
Yet when the rains come down
You still are present somewhere

It's a sign of your presence
In the petrichor I look for you
A part of me does hope that
Perhaps, you're doing that too


  1. Beautiful <3 Though a lost love is painful, the memories it leaves behind are just like the rains. Hard to avoid.

  2. the rain holds beautiful memories for me too!its amazing how certain things bring you back memories! you totally rocked it with this one!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  3. Always gets goosebumps when I read your romantic poetry. Loving the tenderness in this one and rains do have a magical feel when it comes to romance. Wistful tone in the end ties so well with the petrichor--ah memories.

  4. It's so painful... reminds me of someone. Only, I know that the person doesn't think of me when she looks at the rain...

  5. Oh how beautiful... the feeling of desire and longing ... mixed so well.

  6. Such a beautiful poem this is Soumya! I admire the way you bring out the emotions, in this case the pain so beautifully!

  7. You put it across very baeutifully!

  8. Ooh wowwww! Soumya, that was so lovely!congrats!

  9. Beautiful and poignantly heart-melting

  10. Beautifully romantic and painful at the same time!


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