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Most of them will hurt you
Some will only push you down
You might be the queen in your world
Yet tongues will tarnish your crown

Humans are a scary species
Their own emotions they don't know
No matter how much love you sprinkle
The seeds of hatred they will sow

Jealousy comes so easily to them
Comparison is in their every breath
Such people will never change
Their will be ugly inside till their death

Blood is thicker than water they say
But pointed fingers first come from them
Gossip becomes the main agenda
From where their insecurities stem

If you do good, they turn green
If you do bad, they complain
Some people can never be happy
All your efforts will go in vain

It is better to stay away from them
No matter how close they are
If someone is only causing you harm
It is better you just move away far

Their problems are not yours
Your problems will only belong to you
Do what you want and do only right
To yourself you need to stay true

Tongues will wag and eyes will stare
You walk ahead with head held high
Break the convention, challenge the norm
Do not bow down to every how and why

Have a plan and grow with it
Don't let anyone kill your hope
Sometimes I feel that it is good
That I'm turning into a misanthrope


  1. Aww you aren't a misanthrope and staying away from negative influences doesn't make you one. It does make you an awesome poet, though ;)

    1. Well considering the kind of people I've been meeting of late it is surprising I haven't turned into one yet :)

  2. Wow sowmya that's a lovely poem. And can't disagree with you... have a plan for herself... and don't let the negative comments discourage u.

  3. if humans are so good,pets in house might have not people say dogs are more faithful than humans.its more to do with the culture,if people have inherited true culture,you don't need pets cuz humans are best solace for humans.on any day,nothing in this world can replace a good human. so encourage the good humans and trash the bad ones.

    when people suffer from mood disorder or poor judging skill,they end up misjudging good people self-introspection every day makes things better.

  4. Wow..soumya, this was so powerful! I agree, moving away from negativity and negative people makes you wiser not a misanthrope.

  5. Staying away from people who are harmful for you or negative is always a good choice. I have come across some of the types you've mentioned. Steering clear of them is really vital for my health and peace of mind.

  6. Awesome Sowmya!We have to encounter negative people everyday and in every sphere of life.It is a challenage to stay positive amidst all this.Very well written!

  7. Misanthrope? You are becoming the most rockstar poet I know. What a fabulous piece and writing.

  8. Spot on Soumya! You hv covered the idea very well.

  9. Moving away from negative influences doesn't make you a misanthrope - it makes you wise, and happy. Which is always a great thing, right? :)

  10. We do come across all sorts, but if we know whom we are supposed to let into our lives and whom to keep away, we will be a lot happier.

    1. Oh yeah absolutely. You need to stay away from some people to be happy.

  11. Replies
    1. With you and Siri my faith is always restored :)


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