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Action Replay: August 2016

Image Source You know I started writing a combined post for the action replay of July and August. Half way through, I just happened to scroll down my blog and realized that I have already written the monthly post for July. Seriously, how could I not remember that? Have I been that busy? August just breezed through but not without leaving a bad taste in the mouth. For the first time ever, my birthday month disappointed me. Apart from the birthday and the gifts that came with it, there is nothing that I would want to remember about August. To start off with, I was really busy with work that left me with minimal time for everything else. Work is work, so I do not want to complain much. Apart from work, nothing else seemed to go right too. It was not only me, Cal had the same problems too. Just heavy headed with no peace of mind. And for no particular reason. Horrible, isn't it? I have always lived a pretty open life without hiding anything from anyone. I do what I want to and

Turning Thirty

Image Source You know how well my creative juices have been flowing thanks to the cliched title of this post. So yeah, I turned thirty this month. Also, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the busiest one can get, I turned thirty on that one too. I've been wanting to write this post since my birthday on the 8th, but with 12 hours of work a day and working on weekends, it was almost impossible. Not that it is all done now, but things are definitely better and stable now. So now let's come to my birthday. While I did have a Joey's moment as I cut the cake at midnight, I did not wake up with any blues in the morning. It was a Monday and both Cal and I had taken a leave to celebrate the day. Not having to go to office on a Monday was a gift in itself. For the first time ever, growing old did not bother me. I'm not the one to think much about age and try to act young. For me, when life is going on smooth, I have nothing to complain about. Not even about growing old.

Sealed Promise

Image Source " Promise? ", little Joel asked his father who was leaving him for the second time this year. " I promise , my son. I'll be back in two months just in time for your birthday. I'll run through the door and come in with your birthday gift ." " Double promise ? " A tear escaped Joel's eye. " Triple promise ! " His father picked him up and gave him a long hug. The promise was definitely fulfilled. His father was back on his birthday along with his birthday gift, a bicycle. He did not come running through the door though. He came in a sealed box, having lost his life in the war. This post is written for the #BarAThon Day 7. Prompt: Promise .


Image Source It definitely was not easy But I knew I had to do it In spite of the chaotic pain Burning me bit by it I had signed up for this I want to get till the end I want my body to behave To extremes I want it to bend I stretched more than I ever had Slowly I was able to move an extra inch I hadn't taken care of my body well Now's when I began to feel the pinch Soon, the dumbell and I were one I was able to smoothly glide up and down There was a rising spirit in me Even though my sores were black and brown The toughest hour of my life All about weights and me alone I know this was the price I had to pay To see my body shapely tone I had to be strong in my mind Wishful thinking sure did help Even though at times I gave in Let out a few tears and a yelp Fitness is a top priority now Enough of the ice creams I did lick Sweets and fatty foods have bid goodbye Now I'm happy being a workoutaholic

Ray Of Sunshine

Image Source They had tried for five years now and yet Sneha could not conceive. They had visited the best of hospitals but there was no good news in store for them. Raman's parents were unhappy. They blamed Sneha for being barren. Raman knew that the fault was within him, but his parents were not the one to listen. When they had decided to adopt a child two years ago, his parents had threatened to kill themselves. " We will not accept somebody else's blood ", they had said. They had even suggested for him to go in for another wife who would bear them their grandson. Now as Sneha walked into the house with their grandson, they were ecstatic. All they cared was the fact that Sneha had got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby. Their son's child and the heir to their family. They did not know about the sperm donor whose identity was safe with the hospital. Raman and Sneha had sworn to take that secret to the grave. All that mattered to them was that now th

Code Red

Image Source The bathroom. The only place I don't feel his prying eyes on me. Whenever I feel I've had enough, I make an excuse of having to use the washroom and give myself the two minutes to be alone. I don't know what happened. I married the man I love, and now two years later I just don't recognize him anymore. He doubts my every move and wants to know what I'm thinking every second. If I'm quiet for a few seconds he questions me as to what I'm thinking. I go out to meet my friends and he calls me a hundred times. He doesn't abuse me, but I feel mentally tortured in every possible way. He's loving, caring and a very kind human being. But his love is now smothering me. Today. I opened the laptop we share at home to give the finishing touches to my article. I saw a document pop open. I looked closer at it only to check if it is a part of my folder. It did not take me long to realize that it was my husband's note. He had been making poin

Fragile Lives

Image Source Blood relatives Comparison high Emotions buried Ruled by a lie Envy survives Love remains lost Blood turns thin At every cost Walls built Relationships die No share in joy No shoulder to cry One life Each wants best Nothing is left For the rest The delicate thread Breaks apart Intricate links No longer in the heart Contempt triumphs Soul doesn't know Fragile lives More fragile ego This post is written for the #BarAThon Day 3. Prompt:  Fragile Lives .

What You Don't Know

Image Source Earlier, the blogging space was very sacred with genuine writers wanting to share their work. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog of their own. Most of them create blogs to get free samples of products or free vouchers or anything else that comes for free. Honestly, it hurts to see a scared place like this get tainted. But then again, maybe this place was not so scared after all. Most of us write for passion, some of us write to share something with the world while some of us make a living by writing alone. However, there are a bunch of pseudo bloggers who don't know the head or tail of blogging but make their presence felt in the loudest way possible. Like my friend says, " Everyone can write, but everyone shouldn't ". Couldn't be more true. This post of mine is dedicated to a set of bloggers who think that they are the crème de la crème of the blogging world. Trust me, they are. But not for the reasons they think. ~ Dear pseudo fashio

Stranger Than Fiction

Image Source Love they say is like a breeze You cannot see it but only feel It has the power to break you apart It also has the capacity to make you heal Love stories are in every corner You see them all around You'll hear it in some one's heart beat Else in an other's eyes it will be found Is it always as rosy as it looks? Is love the happiest thing ever? Will it stay by your side always? Will it hurt you never? You've read about Romeo and Juliet Lived the life of Jack and Rose Love stories have a tune to them You sense it in poetry or prose Will it always have a happy ending? In love will things never go wrong? What happens when you're left alone? Will you scatter or emerge more strong? What we see and what we read Are brief examples at its best You'll only know when it happens to you You'll feel it in your gut or your chest It is not always easy You need to live it to experience it