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Stranger Than Fiction

Love they say is like a breeze
You cannot see it but only feel
It has the power to break you apart
It also has the capacity to make you heal

Love stories are in every corner
You see them all around
You'll hear it in some one's heart beat
Else in an other's eyes it will be found

Is it always as rosy as it looks?
Is love the happiest thing ever?
Will it stay by your side always?
Will it hurt you never?

You've read about Romeo and Juliet
Lived the life of Jack and Rose
Love stories have a tune to them
You sense it in poetry or prose

Will it always have a happy ending?
In love will things never go wrong?
What happens when you're left alone?
Will you scatter or emerge more strong?

What we see and what we read
Are brief examples at its best
You'll only know when it happens to you
You'll feel it in your gut or your chest

It is not always easy
You need to live it to experience it
Love comes with many other emotions
Slowly at first then it will strongly hit

Read about love and then fall in it
Don't make "happily forever" an addiction
When you look at the truth deeply
You'll see that it's stranger than fiction

This post is written for the #BarAThon Day 1. Prompt: Stranger Than Fiction.


  1. This is really lovely. A different, and nice, take on the prompt.

  2. It isn't the happiest thing, it is indeed painfully sweet, and much stranger than fiction! Everyone can identify to this poem, Soumya!

  3. Love the poem with all the conflicting ideas about love. Yes, it truly is stranger than fiction. I look at my dad and how he was married to my mom for 55 years until they parted last fall with my mom's sudden death. Theirs was a love that went through lots of ups and downs, not always easy and sometimes stranger than fiction, for sure. Good one, Soumya!

    1. Definitely not easy. It tests you every time. May your mom RIP, Cat.

  4. The truth about love is nothing like it is in fiction. Nicely done!

  5. Such a bundle of life lessons hidden within this one, Soumya :)
    Dont make HAPPILY FOREVER an addiction hits home at so many levels.

  6. Super duper, Soumya! Your poems have a lovely flow to them. They make perfect sense even as they rhyme beautifully. Lovely take!

  7. That is such a beautiful poem, so true and right. Love indeed is strange. So, so sweet.

  8. What a wonderfully poetic take on the prompt. The most complex, most contradictory, most confusing feeling in the whole world - Love. Perfect for the prompt.

  9. Totally agree. So many facets to love than just happily forever. Your poetry is awesome as always, Soumya. Lovely.

  10. Wow! Soumya, I love your poems and this one was so perfect. It is beautiful! Wish I could poetry like you do.

    1. Thanks Reema! You do it much better than me these days :)

  11. The eternal mystery of love, and always so amazing the real love stories are! Most people think that happily forever is an automatic result of falling in love, no one looks at all the other factors.

  12. Beautiful! Simply beautiful!
    Loved the poem!


  13. The truth of love, so stranger than fiction. I agree. The happily forever might remain a mystery. The second poem I'm reading about love and this theme. I enjoyed it. :)

  14. true..don't make 'happily forever' an addiction! love is not just about being happy forever..beautiful lines!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  15. love can be classified into superficial and real based on individual personalities.real or true love remains forever and its true about happily ever after.but its hard to find personalities which are as transparent as glass and doesn't change their behavior or priorities with between two such personalities is real and will remain happily ever after.but its very rare to come across such says we don't find good humans in real.:-)

    superficial love is resultant of two people with unequal magnitude of affection and integrity.most of cases are of superficial love where people emotions become superficial with time.such love is painful and brings sadness into gfs lovespan is max 3 months coz i don't change with time and their emotions become superficial with time and i have to leave them coz i don't like superficial life.the probability of true love has become very rare coz people have become very superficial with less integrity.i hope i will come across someone who is like me. hhehehehehe


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