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Although many things are left unsaid
I see all the answers in your eyes
Our relationship doesn't have a name
Knowing you and me it's not a surprise

No string holds us together
Strangers during day, lovers at night
Just the fact that you exist is enough for me
Brightening me up with your light

Friends we were, once upon a time
Oh how things have changed since then
It all happened in an instant
Today I don't recall how or when

As we entwine around each other
Our heartbeats together create a tune
My skin tingles with every breath
To others touch I am now immune

Is this love I don't want to know
I would call what we share as fire
Yes it does come with its share of emotions
Enveloped in the cloak of desire

I now look forward to every night
As we paint abstract in every shade
As the morning sun slowly rises
I sense your presence begin to fade

Let us keep it the way it is
Life is more perfect this way
You are a recurring episode
Which I look forward to everyday

As you hold me tight in your arms
At this instant, I don't want to let go
I see your eyes stating the same
And yet wanting me not to know

How beautiful you look sprawled across
On each other as we lie spent
When day breaks and you leave
I'll bathe myself in your scent


  1. Every word is etched beautifully and swaying to the passion embedded in the contrast and flow. Beautiful streak of love penned.

  2. That's love for her. Like stories that stay in the heart and don't find a way in the light. Beautiful one, Soumya!

  3. It is good when relationships do not have a name. Beautiful poem

  4. There is so much sensual energy in this poem, Soumya! Loving the visual treat :)

  5. Sensual and passionate! Excellent read, Soumya, as usual!


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