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Being A Traveler

Image Source I just returned from a road trip and I'm feeling rejuvenated and energized. The fact that it is the last week of the year and more than half of the people at work are on leave and I have to manage the same amount of work with half the number of people is another issue altogether. Normally, I would have been agitated and stressed at this point of time, but this time I'm taking it very well. Travel has been that sponge to me that takes away every negative feeling within me. Initially, I used to go for a haircut to clear the clutter of my head. Now that I'm trying to grow my mane back, travel is the best option to become clutter free. I discovered traveling only after I met Cal. Before that travel barely meant anything to me. When you are born to middle class parents, traveling would mean going back and forth school or college. During childhood, a holiday meant traveling to my maternal grandparents place five hours away from Bangalore. We would wait for th


Image Source Many times I ask myself What is it that holds me back Am I busy loving myself Or counting the things that I lack I want to fall deep In the oasis I see in his eyes When I have him around me Everything feels so fine and nice

When Sharing Is Not Caring

Image Source I have the habit of checking my phone as soon as I wake up. I'm not proud of it, but old habits die hard. The first thing that I saw on Facebook this morning was that someone on my timeline had added 169 photos to a album titled ' Trip with frndzzz '. I doubt if I have a total of 169 photos in all my albums put together. My first thought, who on earth has the time to upload so many pictures. And next, would people do the same if Facebook would charge them for uploading pictures? As much as I love social media and think it is a wonderful invention, it is turning out to be a bane these days. There are days when I look at my timeline and wonder if I actually know these people. There are people putting up all their photos that they can lay their hands on, online. Others are giving minute by minute detail of their holiday and many many others are screaming out opinions about issues that once mattered but no longer. I think that all of us on Facebook should onl

Book Review: The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad

Image Source Title: The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad Author: Twinkle Khanna Publisher: Juggernaut (8 November 2016) Genre: Fiction Price: Rs. 155 on Amazon . Pages: 256 After ' Mrs. Funnybones ', I was waiting for the next book from Twinkle Khanna. Ever since she made the best decision of her life by quitting acting and turning columnist, I've been a fan of hers. I like people who say things the way it is without trying to beautify it or reduce the tone of it. Couple this with sarcasm and dry wit, you have a winner! Twinkle Khanna is one such columnist for me. Her sense of humor comes out in the best way possible giving the right importance to current affairs/issues. Her style of writing is also different from the rest and makes reading a breeze. Unlike Shobhaa De who only writes heavy words to mock people and tradition, Twinkle Khanna hits the right note. While her first book was an A to Z of her columns, her second book marks her foray into fiction. No matt

Monday Musings #9

Winter Is Coming

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields “ The Lannisters are a complicated family. I cannot tell you more than that .”  Michael told his six year old daughter Sarah. “ Tell me about the wolf dogs then. ” Sarah said. “ Direwolfs, my darling. Well, most of them were killed. Just two of them remain alive. ” “ Why were they killed? ” “ There is a war going on. People kill each other and animals too. ”

Love Is Red

Image Source No matter how low I'm feeling When I hold you, I feel alright Our long conversations soothe me I can go on and on, day and night Just the thought of you leaves me craving A delicious concoction of love and lust The day slowly manages to slither by But when night comes, you're a must

Book Review: Daughter

Image Source Title: Daughter Author: Jane Shemilt Publisher: Penguin (28 August 2014) Genre: Mystery/ Drama/ Contemporary Fiction Price: Rs. 300 on Amazon . Pages: 416 I heard of this book first on another blog. The reader had given the book a five star rating and I was intrigued. The blurb looked really interesting and I wanted to read it almost immediately but forgot about it later. After a few months, it came to my mind again and I made the purchase and started reading it.

Yes, I'm Strong

Image Source It hasn't been a very good year I've tried so much to remain strong Every path I tread carefully Yet every right turned wrong

Growing Up Right

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields “ My parents are buying me the new play station. ” Rohan exclaimed in joy. The exams were just over for the first grade and all the tiny tots were excited about their vacation and what they would do during the holidays. “ My father is taking me to Delhi with him. I’ll stay in a big hotel and watch TV all day. ” Misha boasted. “ My parents have promised to install more games on my iPad. ” Justin beamed.

Action Replay: November 2016

Image Source November left me all dazed. With the days passing by so quickly, I'm struggling to stay still and absorb what's happening around me. November started off very well with a vacation in Goa. It was a much needed break and we did come back totally rejuvenated. Vacations are meant to do that aren't they? They take away all your stress and you come back feeling light and fresh to make better memories and do better work. A week after Goa, we left to Mumbai. Yes, for the Coldplay concert. This was my first ever concert! I know that Bangalore has held so many music festivals, but I have never been to any of it. I actually was pissed that the Coldplay concert or the Global Citizen event was not happening in Bangalore. I knew that this had to be my first concert. Although the tickets cost us a kidney and a lung each, we decided to go for it.