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Love Is Red

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No matter how low I'm feeling
When I hold you, I feel alright
Our long conversations soothe me
I can go on and on, day and night

Just the thought of you leaves me craving
A delicious concoction of love and lust
The day slowly manages to slither by
But when night comes, you're a must

You sweep me off my feet in an instant
As I swirl you to the rhythm of my heart beat
Hands entwined we dance together
Enveloping our bodies in burning heat

I do befriend others when I'm away from you
But it is you who solely owns my mind
You may hide deep in any other place 
Through your sensual smell, you I'll find

You and I are so meant to be
Intoxicated as we lie in bed
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Do you see the love flaming red?

Stay close, never move away
I'll never ever let you go
What you are to me
I wonder if you'll ever know

You've calmed me as I was breathing fire
Stood by me through thick and thin
No matter where life takes me from here
You and I together, is always a win

Let's celebrate every success
As we watch our stars shine
You'll always be the closest to me
Deep, dark and red, my smooth wine


  1. The beautiful bond, painted in the shade of love that pumps in your blood and is poured in words so touching that I could feel the warmth in your poetic notes.
    Beautiful <3

  2. romantic and intoxicating!! I'm going to read this out to hubby dearest and tell him, yehi bolna tha mujhe! aur if I'm feeling a little wicked, toh i'll say, arre, i was talking about the wine!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  3. Loved your poem , Soumya! So full of passion! Just the way love should be! <3


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