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Dear Zindagi

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Dear zindagi, I know you don't come easy
But do you always have to be this tough
Time and again you have tested me
Making every surface prickly and rough

Happiness and I have a strange equation
We like to play hide and seek
She might not be with me always
Once in a while she does give a peek

When everything around is black and white
I steal colors from within me
When the tunnel seems to never end
I make use of my own light to see

Dear zindagi, I'll not complain from now on
I know you are made of an up and a down
I'll crawl my way up every time
Without a speck of dust on my crown

Situations and the crowd no longer matter
My people are always by my side
I'll ace every predicament that comes my way 
Facing you, without having to hide

I've learnt to let go of piled emotions
Only a few things shall now matter
I'll continue to do what I want
Being immune to other's chatter

Dear zindagi, I don't ask anything from you
I have bid adieu to my inner demon
I've accepted my faults and foibles
Finally realizing that I'm only human

I know that things will not be clear always
There is bound to be some conflict and confusion
I'll survive these and learn a lesson
And come out of it with a clearer vision

I'll accept everything that comes my way
It can be bouts of joy or trouble
I intend to scale the mountain and reach the peak
I shall not whine if I step on a pebble

Dear zindagi, you can try me as you like
I've now learnt to sail the low and rock the high
Try to clip my wings all you want
I'll mend them and continue to fly

P.S: The use of the sole hindi word in the poem was not an intention and in no way am I making a reference to the movie. In my head 'Dear zindagi' sounded better than 'Dear life', hence I retained it.


  1. That's a good letter to dear zindagi. A diet of a restoration to yourself that ups and downs will be there but you have the strength and the wisdom to tide over the rough times. Enjoyed the verse.

  2. I wonder how real it will sound for almost anybody. Beautifully penned down! Loved every single emotion it generated and how nostalgic and real it feels.

  3. And more power to you! Beautifully written!


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