Topics I Hate To Talk/Write About

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I am a very opinionated person. I always have something to say about everything around. Mostly I talk about what I feel, other times I just let it be. People who know me personally know that I'm a person who loves to talk. I'm almost never politically correct, and that's the very reason people like me. I have varied interests in life, so I never run out of topics to talk about. The only time I keep mum during a conversation is when the other person is boring is hell. Apart from the me time that I enjoy on a daily basis, I love to talk. It is always nice to have conversations with a smart set of people. Else, I'll just go back to reading a book. Or day dreaming. Conversations to me are not only about talking. It is nice to hear the different opinions of people and you always get to learn something new from it. While someone can teach you to look at something from a new perspective, other just let you know how ignorant and boring they are, yet again.

My blog mainly runs on the zillion opinions I have about a million things. While there are a lot of things that I talk about, there are a few topics that I hate talking about. Or writing about. Ironically, people use these very topics to break the ice with me. That is when I think why can't people talk about the good old weather instead. I love talking about books, emotions, travel, sports, movies, music and relationships. And food! Talk to me about food and you're golden! While I don't limit my conversations only to this, the below topics are what I hate talking about.


This is a field I have least interest in. Although I'm up to date on what is happening in the country, I refrain from taking sides. A healthy discussion is fine. But when people take up cudgels like almost representing the parties themselves, it takes an ugly turn. I know of people who have ended their friendships due to a difference in their political ideologies. Some people can talk to no end about politics. I know the current news, but I have no idea about Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha and what it does. I probably am more well versed in international politics than the Indian one, only because it is much simpler. Some people talk about politics with so much passion. If I happen to be a part of this conversation, I just remain silent or I choose to walk away. Talking or writing about politics is definitely not my cup of tea. Corporate politics is something else altogether and that I do not mind talking about.


This often turns out to be the topic that brings hordes of people together. Sadly, I'm not a firm believer of either. I don't want to know which God should be worshiped on which day and on what day you should fast to please a certain deity. Even if the day comes where I have nothing else to talk about, religion would be the last thing that I choose. I hate the concept of religion and I think it is only a means of dividing and looking down on people. Tradition might seem good from the exterior, but when people go deep into it, it becomes tedious. Some people talk so much about customs and traditions when they themselves have no clue of its origin. This topic doesn't even have the minimum amount of my interest.


Some women think that this is the best topic to bond with other women. While I'm all for spreading awareness that menstruation is not a taboo and the importance of sex education in schools, this is not something that I would discuss over coffee. Unless I'm having coffee at a event to spread the aforementioned awareness. We Indians are strange. Mothers feel embarrassed to talk to daughters about periods and sex while mothers-in-law use these very topics to bond with their son's wives. I have a very comfortable period and even if I didn't, there is no way on hell I'll be chatty about it. Same thing about my sex life. Call me old fashioned, but I feel very odd when people start talking about how kinky they got some night. I have seen some women openly discuss the minute details about their sex life, girth included. Sorry sir, not for me.

Personal Incomes

I have a particular group of friends and we seldom meet. Whenever we do, the first thing they ask me is what is my pay package and how much do I take home. I know that there is no harm in sharing this with friends, but the whole charade of comparison that starts after that is what bothers me. Why don't I make as much as you do, why do you make only so much and blah blah. I make a decent amount of money and I lead a decent life. I do not like talking numbers to anyone around. The details of our incomes is only between my husband and I as we are the ones living a life together. Why should anyone else want to know these details, I don't understand. I don't even talk about this to my own parents, let alone someone else.


Not everyone is in love with their job, obviously. But I do. I like what I do and I enjoy my work thoroughly. When people start cribbing about their work, I lose it. The question "How's work?" is asked just to be polite and initiate a conversation. "All well", "Going on", or "The usual" is a complete answer. There is no need for anyone to elaborate on it. I've sat mute to so many conversations that revolve around managers, team members, office hours and the magic corporate word, stress. When I tell people that if they are not happy with their work they should leave, I get looks that could almost kill me. Do what you do, do not complain. If you want to complain, then don't do it. Is it that hard to understand?


I won't lie, I do enjoy healthy gossip but when the whole topics goes on about people and the other people who messed with them and the other people who may or may not know them, I get really confused. Yeah, just like you did right now. Most of my problems in this world, are to do with people. But that's my problem and I handle it the way I want to. Talking about people and the problems I have with them is not going to solve it for me. Discussing who wore what, who ate what, who did what, is so silly. They have their own lives, I think we should too. And it definitely should not be spent on discussing the minute details of the life of others.

The talker in me gets peeved by these topics. The minute a conversation starts about any of these, I leave the scene. Mostly physically. And when I can't, mentally. It is for my own sanity, trust me.

Tell me, what topics would you never want to talk or write about.


  1. Ah well, periods and sex for me as well. Unless, it is a close friend and I am doing some leg pulling, sex topics are not my cup of tea. Of course, finances too. How dumb are people who ask others upfront what they are earning? And face to face, I hate to talk about people's complexions or their weight etc. I find it very rude and surprised how so many people do it so nonchalantly. Also, I avoid sharing intimate details of my life with my husband and kids. Though we are bloggers, I feel that they deserve their privacy as well.

  2. Same with me Sowmya .. I wouldn't blog about sex cause I personally feel , to be able to publicly write or talk about it requires an element of sophistication . Otherwise it sounds clumsy and crude. And don't think I could do justice to it.nor would inwrote politics cause often mynglfacta arent clear and inseldom talk or write about stuff I am not sure about.

  3. I talk about people though. The rest applies to me. Especially politics.

  4. You pretty much covered all the things I don't talk about too ... Except for work. Talking about salary is always like treading on a thread. I don't mind telling my salary but the comparisons get me too. Hey I am old fashioned too in many ways ... Got an old soul in me 😊

  5. I concur on most points - work and people - that isn't so bad. Unless of course the others have no clue what/who you're talking about in which case you should just shut up.

  6. Ha ha! Reading this I think I know you and that's why I enjoy talking to you. These are pretty much things those things I wouldn't talk about too.Work is still okay :)


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