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Long May She Reign

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Tall and proud she stood strong
Stripped off her every face
Power still lingers in her eyes
As she prepares for the race

An unloved wife but a loving mother
Deaths of her children she couldn't foresee
She'll fight with all that she has
Giving up is not a part of Cersei

Married twice but no man by her side
Dangerously ripped off her innocence
Lost, unaware but finding her way
Slowly, of the war she's making sense

Finally she found her inner strength
By her brother's side she stands ready
She'll call for help in her own way
Because Sansa always was the perfect lady

Pale, nubile with a heart of gold
The iron throne her only desire
Slowly she traces the path of her ancestors
With her white mane, born of fire

She has the witty dwarf for her hand
An army every day she'll earn
The mother of dragons has her husband's courage
Khaleesi will stand and watch you burn

Forced to live like a boy
She then became the girl with no name
On tough stones she polished herself
Avenging the death of her family her only aim

Not the one to shed a tear
She doesn't shoot to miss
Sharp as the needle she's bestowed with
Her father's daughter, Arya is

All of them are born to rule
With the perfect mix of beauty and brain
Only one shall be the ultimate queen
Oh, long may she reign


  1. Brilliant brilliant... They are such awesome powerful characters... Just watching them gives me goosebumps... You depicted their qualities perfectly 😍

  2. Soumya, you have expressed what a strong woman is like and weathering storms. It commands admiration from far but cannot be touched. She continues her journey with strength and makes me think of Greek Goddess. A powerful reflection.

  3. Such a powerful character she is! You have beautifully expressed the courage through your verses, Soumya.

  4. Oh you, GOT Fan!
    An apt dedication though.

  5. Wah wah! Awesome! Loved it! True GOT fan, eh?
    Arya is my favorite, but I love Daenerys <3

  6. That's a wonderful one that perfectly describes strong women. I love this Soumya. I think this is going to be one of my favorites from you. I like this show because of this reason primarily because it doesn't show women as meek. Some of the strongest characters in it are women.

    1. Thank you so much, Naba. That is one of the main reasons why I love this show so much.

  7. Greek? There is something about powerful women, so vulnerable even in their strength.

    1. It's a fictional place called Westeros. Maybe it does have some Greek influence as well. Nothing like a powerful woman.


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