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The Rich Puppet Master

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There once lived a puppet master
This story dates back to the days of yore
This woman piled on her vices
For her greed, there was no cure

She cast her charm while she was young
Through her fingers she captured a man
He surrendered to her from day one
Inflicting melancholy on his own clan

Together they cheated and stole
From everyone and everything that came their way
Turning into misers of the highest order
They piled on their riches day after day

The puppet master dropped her strings
Into every family that was around
Doubts, lies and hate she spread
Bringing others to the burnt ground

Nothing healthy around her she could see
Using her puppets she tried to ruin all
Spewing venom at ever good cause
She always prayed for others' downfall

Moving her fingers, she played her game
She did not even spare her own spawn 
The other woman in her son's life
She saw to it that she was was soon gone

She spread her web wide and far
Raking in the moolah from every source
No one in her house could stand up to her
They easily succumbed to her by force

Every relationship she tore apart
All she wanted was to get more rich
Everybody knew the person she was
They all knew that she was the evil witch

When her time came, she hid
But ones own karma you cannot avoid
Everything breath she took was filled with hate
From the very people she had destroyed

Death did not come to her easy
She died day after day hoping for the end
Still her lesson she did not learn
Not once did she try to make an amend

The day she finally breathed her last
She did not ask for her husband or son
She touched and felt all her money
No remorse over what she had done

She asked to be buried with her wealth
She still did not wish anyone well
She was gone from here, the rich puppet master
But awaited her the gates of hell


  1. Beautifully expressed words. Sad about The Rich Puppet Master's life.

  2. Love ... Love the way you write girl. The flow and the descriptions flow so smoothly. Indeed, all the money in the world and yet one dies alone.

  3. Story of this mean black-hearted puppet master expressed so well. Liked it a lot!

  4. Lovely story poem, Soumya!
    Apt lesson too. Jaisi karni waisi bharni.
    Reminded me of fairy-tales :)


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