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Watch Your Back

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These days friendships are really tricky
Every face now wears a facade
While it looks like we're all together
Each one is playing a different card

They bewitch you with their sweet smiles
Get their work done through you
With hugs and selfies on social media
This can almost pass off as true

They stick really close to you
Watching your every move
While their tune is completely different
They'll pretend to dance to your groove

Soon enough, the bitching starts
They talk behind you to everyone else
The traits that they praised in you
Will suddenly sound like danger bells

Sly tweets and Facebook statuses
They think that you will not get it
As their veneer sheds off slowly
You'll see their ugly side bit by bit

They shower love on you on and offline
Fake goodness they'll try to sell
They'll laugh at you when you're not around
Friends or foes, you can never tell

You need to be very careful
With time, you'll get the game alright
Hold a rock in your left hand
And shake their hands with your right

Don't lose yourself to their likes and support
They expect ten things but do only one for you
Recognize them and walk away
Their eyes always leave behind a clue

Look out for yourself, be wary
You may think all this is silly
You'll never know where they hid the knife
But they'll find your back easily


  1. Sad state of affairs really, Soumya!
    earlier people used to be concerned about just their 'nose- prestige. But, now they need to be wary of their back too!

  2. Bang on! It's such a fake world of make believe where everyone is wearing a mask on social media.

  3. You are so right, Soumya. There are so many 'friends' out there, one needs to know who the real ones are and whom to stay away from!

  4. It's been quite sometime since I visited your blog. Still, it is a thrill to read your posts! I wonder how you write reality as it is! No diversion and to the point! Friends for likes and otherwise is like that joke you laugh at every time you listen, but holds not much meaning!

  5. There's a lot of truth in this poem and uncomfortably so. Sigh, friendships online. Better safe than sorry. Keeping it minimal is best, Soumya.


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