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Dance With Me

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Just hold me tight, follow my lead
On the right foot, I'll help you start
Together, holding each other
Lets dance to the rhythm of my heart

Let our eyes do the talking
Together as our fingers entwine 
Intoxicated, let's lose ourselves
Like drowning in a pool of wine

Hungry and thirsty, let's explore one another
Slowly at first, and then once and for all
The passion we feel will keep us going
Step after step, without a fall

Twirl me around, my darling
I want to completely envelope you
The music you and I made is the same
Only the lyrics are now new

There you go, matching my steps
See, I told you it's not all that hard
Just let your inhibitions fade away
Come on honey, drop your guard

Hold me closer, I want to drown in your eyes
Our heart beats are now a symphony
Step after step, love finds a new meaning
Defining us in perfect synchrony

Dance like no one's watching, my love
It is then, you will find pure bliss
Let love and passion come together again
We'll seal the ending, with a kiss


  1. This makes me want to dim the lights, put on some music, drink some beer and dance or just sway with S even if for a few minutes :)

  2. Awww so mushy and romantic. You made the words dance in a beautiful rhythm :)

  3. I am reading a poem written by you after a long time! This one is so beautiful! Loved it :)


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