Reading Recap: 2017

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2017 hasn't been a very kind year. While it has been a year of emotional upheaval, three things did not suffer at all, thankfully. Professional success, travel and reading. At the beginning of the year when I set a reading challenge of 50 books on Goodreads, I thought I was being preposterous. I thought that it would be way too far fetched and that I might not even make it halfway. But once the year started, the challenge turned out to be such a motivation for me. Although I wasn't too keen on following up with the challenge closely, by the second month of the year, I was 3 books ahead in the challenge. This turned out to be track record that I maintained throughout the year. As of today, I stand at 53 books that was read in 2017.

When you are emotionally taxed, reading somehow helps. It temporarily takes you away from the harsh reality of life and throws you into the world of words, twisted plots and interesting characters. Reading kept me sane throughout the year. Although, it is not as easy as it sounds. When you are going through something inside, it is really hard to focus. Reading is a hobby that needs 100% focus. Initially it was tough to invest so much time, energy and thought into it. But later, when I realized that it was helping me get better I was determined to try my best. I'm not the one to read for a living or someone who reads with the sole purpose of reviewing them. I enjoy reading and this time I looked at it as an escape. From the many things that I was going through. I usually am not an escapist. But at times, even the strongest fall. I bounced back quickly, I survived. And that's how I like to tell this story.

Mama Knows Best

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"Ma, I told you not to pack these. I wouldn't need them there", Ray yelled at his mom.

"Son, it will be really cold. I've been there before. Just carry it, you'll need them for sure", his mother said calmly.

"Don't act like you know everything, Ma. Just let it be, will ya?"


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I often wonder
How it would be like to disappear
Never looking back
Wanting to be anywhere but here

Leaving all the fears behind
All the joys now unknown
Walking away from the obvious
Nipping memories already sown

Pointed fingers and I told you so's
That constant scream in your head
A spell and fairy dust would work
I'll just be gone, not dead

#FeministMondays | Past Attack

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***This post was supposed to be published on last Monday. I did put up a #FeministMondays post last week, but it turned out to be way too aggressive and personal for my own liking. An hour after I published the post, I took it down. This post is to replace that. I can always backdate it, but this time I choose not too. Next month on, the #FeministMondays posts will continue to be published on the second Monday of every month***

I recently happened to watch the movie 'Bareilly Ki Barfi' and I loved every bit of it. I would say that this movie is a step towards feminism because of its female lead. Kriti Sanon's Bitti is strong headed, does what she believes is right, has a firm head on her shoulders and her parents support her and accept her the way she is. One scene in the movie keeps coming back to me. The one where a random guy comes to "see" Bitti with the quest of marriage. When they are asked to go out for a while and speak alone, the first thing he asks her is if she's a virgin. She was taken aback as was I, as the viewer. When she asks him the same question he goes on to tell her that it doesn't matter if he's a virgin or not, but it sure as hell matters if she is or not. She replies on the negative and the prospective groom soon vanishes. A few days ago, I chanced upon a quote (if you can call it that) that says, "A man always hopes to be a woman's first love and a woman always hopes to be a man's last love". As I was exposed to both these scenarios, the only word that popped in my mind was "Fu$k".

Cloaked In Fire

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Let our eyes do the talking
Not a word we shall say
Lips engaged, arms entwined
Together, let's sway

We'll warm each other
Burning with every move
Passion and emotion interlaced
Losing ourselves to love's groove

This emotion ain't easy, they say
But I want to leap into it
Eyes wide shut, I drown
Letting it inundate me bit by bit

Do It Like #Virushka

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma got married yesterday, far far away from the public eye and for some reason this makes me very happy. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of either of them but I do respect Virat for the amazing sportsman that he is. I truly believe that he will create magic in the world of cricket. Together, he and Anushka make a wonderful and a powerful couple. He is a thorough gentleman and has stood up for her ladylove time and again and she has continued to support him silently. As a couple living in the time of social media, they were not too in your face with their PDA or just their love in general. Virat did give us peeks of their love story on special days like Valentine's and Women's day, but apart from that they were in a world of their own. I have never said this about any celebrity couple till date, but they do give love a whole new meaning and make us believe in the concept of togetherness once again. I know most of you are bored by now, but I am still not tired of seeing their pictures all over social media. They look so damn happy and that makes me really happy.

Dreams On Ice

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

"What's the dish?", the judge asked.

"It's a coconut, lime panna cotta, strawberry granita, cucumber consommé and shards of coconut ice."

"What made you make this for the finale of Masterchef?"

A Break From Reading With The Book Lover's Tag

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Reading is something I never thought I'd consciously take a break from. Ever since I can remember, I have always been a book lover. Right from hunting around for libraries around home to borrowing way too many books from the school library, from being caught with 'Memories Of Midnight' during my 8th grade and reprimanded by the teacher to being the only one who was allowed to borrow and read classics from the school library, I have come a long way in terms of reading. Every year I read a lot of books, as much as I can. Reading took a backseat once I started dating my husband and then eventually got married. We were busy with each other all the time during the courtship and marriage hardly gave me any time to read while managing a house and a full time job and the brand new pressure of being married and staying with the in-laws. For those two to three years I barely read ten books in total. I am a fairly fast reader and I felt like I was losing my rhythm.