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Cloaked In Fire

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Let our eyes do the talking
Not a word we shall say
Lips engaged, arms entwined
Together, let's sway

We'll warm each other
Burning with every move
Passion and emotion interlaced
Losing ourselves to love's groove

This emotion ain't easy, they say
But I want to leap into it
Eyes wide shut, I drown
Letting it inundate me bit by bit

You join me in your cadence
I taste your breath, so sweet
Eluding shame right from the start
Melting together in this heat

Never separating for a second
Let's ignite the spark, loud and bright
Sweltering the air around us
Let's beat love with passion tonight

Giving life to all our fantasies
Let's traverse this world of our own
Shedding away our reticence
Thrilling us to the bone

May this madness never stop
Let there always be room for desire
Shattering the walls of ice
Let's saunter into it, cloaked in fire


  1. Wow! How amazing it would be to have someone like that in your life! Such a romantic poem. Too good, Soumya.

    1. Thank you so much, Shalini. It sure is amazing :)

  2. This is such a passionate one - beautiful and intense.

  3. Wowwww! That was super-awesome, Soumya!

  4. What can I say! Fiery and full of passion this one was :)

    1. Passion always has to be fiery, that's how I like it :)

      Thanks, Naba.

  5. Really Intense....... very beautifully penned down....


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