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Action Replay + Gratitude List: February 2018

Image Source The shortest month of the year also turned out to be one of the best months that I've had in a long time. As quickly as it passed, it left me with a lot of smiles and contentment. Professionally, I was very busy with work and for a couple of days I had to stay up at night to continue working. The current project I'm a part of at work, gives me time to pursue my hobbies as well. While the work is good and peaceful, occasionally there is a hitch and I have to stretch and figure things out. This happens very rarely, so I don't mind it at all. I learnt to love my job a few years ago and since then I have never complained about it. I am a workaholic and give more than 100% to my job. But that doesn't mean that I neglect my personal life. I give a 100% to both of it but if a day comes when I have to choose work over something personal, I'll go ahead and do it. My job has given me everything that I have today, I can never forget that. Health has been g

Book Review: A Man Called Ove

Image Source Title: A Man Called Ove Author: Fredrik Backman Publisher: Sceptre (7 May 2015) Genre: Contemporary Fiction Price: Rs. 271 on Amazon Pages: 320 Just like ' Wonder ', I heard of this book solely on Social Media. Most of my friends were raving about it and I had only read glowing reviews of it. When the husband gave me this book among others as a New year gift, I took my time to start reading it. Normally, I do not like over hyped books. Also, I wasn't too sure if I wanted to read the story of a grumpy old man. I have seen way too many of them in real life and I have no interest in knowing their stories. But Ove was apparently different. Finally, after many many friends pushed me to read this one, I picked it up and did not rest until I finished it. I just finished the book this morning and I had to review it almost immediately.

Love Never Withers

PHOTO PROMPT ©  Marie Gail Stratford " Are you sure this is all you want, Sarah? " The lawyer asked again. " Yes. " She said, slowly. " You can choose whatever you want. Your grandfather left all this to you and your sisters. "

Book Review: The Husband's Secret

Image Source Title: The Husband's Secret Author: Liane Moriarty Publisher: Penguin UK; Latest Edition edition (29 August 2013) Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Mystery Price: Rs. 281 on Amazon Pages: 432 Liane Moriarty became one of my favorite writers the minute I started reading ' Big Little Lies '. I loved the language used and the pace of the storytelling. Most importantly, I loved the way she deals with the lives of normal women, handling their flaws, their foibles, their jealousies, their insecurities with care and precision. Since the first book I read of hers earned five stars from me, I bought her other two famous books, 'The Husband's Secret' and 'Truly Madly Guilty'. Since ' Big Little Lies ' had every emotion that I could ask for in a book and it was one of the top five books that I've read in 2017, I had gargantuan expectations from 'The Husband's Secret', especially when the blurb looked so interesting

#FeministMondays | Where Are The Pad Women?

Image Source I watched ' Pad Man ' last weekend and I thought that it was a good movie. For me, the movie was all about the love that a man had for his wife and wanting to ensure her well-being. The promotions around the movie was done well too. I know a lot of people came forward and complained that why are they showing the use of sanitary pads when it is not good for the environment and how pads were getting wasted while celebrities were posing with it. The intention of the movie was to get men and women to talk about menstruation and show that it is not something to be ashamed of, and it did it well to a certain extent. At the movie, in the theater, there were an equal number of men and women and I was honestly surprised. I actually thought that men probably would shy away from watching this movie. My husband was keen on watching it as was I and the reaction from the crowd was quite something. Once the movie ended and they showed the real life pad man, there was a stan

Seven Down, Forever To Go

Image Source Year one, fresh in love Hand in hand we rejoice Totally lost in the feeling Yet clear about each other's choice Year two, we were ready to be married Fighting against all odds, we went ahead I just wanted to be with you I knew it, because that's what my heart said Year three, as man and wife We started a new beginning Nothing changed between us I was your queen, you my king

When It Is Important To Look Back

Image Source Soon, I complete 10 years of Corporate life. I have loved every bit of it, but it was not my first job. Growing up in a middle class family, I had to give up on a lot of wants and sometimes needs too. Way too early in life, I started doing promotional jobs to make money for myself. I remember the first promotional job that I took up. It was an event for a mall inauguration in the heart of the city and since I was in between semesters, I took it up happily. The event was for 15 days and I got paid 250 bucks for a day. A bunch of us had to wear T-Shirts with the mall's name on it and promote it around the area and share pamphlets. It was a fun job. This was only the beginning of my journey of financial independence. During school, I used to work in mom's boutique and make money on the side. Watching her work and helping her in small ways back then, enables me to create clothes for myself today. I saw a dearth of money while growing up and how my parents were st

Padmaavat & The Missing 'I' #NotAMovieReview

Image Source It has been quite a while since I had a conversation with Sejal and now it was time to meet the cast of another movie. I happened to watch 'Padmaavat' over the weekend and I had way too many questions that I had to ask the cast. Thanks to the controversies and open letters the movie triggered, I was amused by the name change at the last minute. That is when I decided to be the missing 'I' and talk to the team about their experience working in the movie. After making a million calls to Bhansali and his team, they finally allowed me to have a chat with the main protagonists, Padmavati and Khilji. I reached the top secret location much ahead of time and waited for them to arrive. I was thrilled as I love Deepika and Ranveer, separately and together. I couldn't wait to meet them. As I checked my phone and set up my writing pad and pen, I see the door open and someone walks in. I: Oh Hello! I was actually expecting Deepika and Ranveer.

Breathing 2050

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields " It would have been nice, if we could live without carrying this around, won't it Dad? " Little Sam asked his father. " I've lived without this for more than half my life, but now this is the only way to live. " His father responded sadly. " What do you mean you lived without this? "