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Hear Me Roar #PressForProgress

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It is not about just one day
The battle for me is constantly on
I shall fight with all my might
Until inequality is all gone

I will learn to strengthen myself
First the mind, then the body and soul
I don't want to be the fairer sex
I don't need anyone to make me feel whole

I will fight the meaningless norms
I may bend, but I'll never break
I look for life beyond the kitchen
I'm not born to cook and bake

Short, long, slit or open
I will wear what I want
Let them stare and comment
I'll not succumb to their taunt

I'll give life to my dreams
I've learnt to play this game
Step by step, I'll fight for my sisters
Better than equal, is the aim

When I stand up for myself
For every other woman, I stand
I'll motivate others to have a voice
We'll march forward, hand in hand

My life is more than pink and purple
It's time we push the clich├ęs away
I'll make 'fight like a girl' a compliment
And honor it day after day

I may fail, but I'll never give up
I'll proudly flaunt every bruise
The scars mean that I showed up
Life will soon hand me its dues

I'm a girl who loves her beer
I also love to laugh out loud
I curse when people ask for it
Of every bit of me I'm proud

They all tried to clip my wings
I mended them and learnt to soar
They can close their ears all they want
Still, they're gonna hear me roar


  1. Powerful lines, Soumya. All women should stand up for their rights. Those scars which we come across in the process are meant to be flaunted. Well penned!

  2. Hmm here is food for thought.. International womens day, saw most of our timelines flooded with posts on being a women, equality, bias and so on... But shouldnt these voices be loud and clear on every day of the year? Its a battle to break the norms, to live out of sterotypes and probably to just be... Well communicated Sowmya

    1. Everyday yes, but when a day is dedicated maybe we need to scream out loud that day :)

      Thank you, Ramya!

  3. I could hear the roar and loved it. Every word fervent and filled with a passion that resonates with me. We will continue to fight every step of the way and facilitate other women as best as we can.

    1. Thank you, Rachna! Sometimes that only way to be heard is to roar.

  4. This lines made my blood sing Soumya or should I say roar ;-)
    You have articulated the angst, dreams and hopes of every woman here - loved reading this!!

  5. *Standing ovation* I love this so so so much! The battle must continue x

    1. Thank you, dear Sanch. I'm so happy you loved it so much <3

  6. *Clap clap* Soumya. Each of us who is fortunate enough to assert herself should do it, not only for one's own self but for the thousands of others who cannot. Each such step of defiance makes the world a better place for women even if it is one tiny bit.

  7. Hear! hear!
    I'm with you, Soumya every step of the way.
    Our efforts when joined by efforts from all around us will hopefully bring some positive change sooner rather than later.

    1. Thank you so much, Naba :)

      Once every woman stands up for herself and others, no one can bring up down.


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