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T: The Theory Of Everything #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: The Theory Of Everything
Language: English
Genre: Biographical Drama
Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones
Director: James Marsh
Year Of Release: 2014

What it is about:

Based on the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, this movie details his professional and personal life. At the University of Cambridge, astrophysics student Stephen Hawking begins a romantic relationship with literature student Jane Wilde. While pursuing his research, Stephen's muscles begin to fail, eventually causing him to fall and hit his head. He then learns he has motor neuron disease and that he will be unable to talk, swallow, breathe, or move most of his body and has approximately two years to live. The doctor also tells him that this disease will not affect his brain or thoughts but since he'll not be able to communicate, nobody will know what they are. Disheartened, Stephen becomes a recluse and avoids Jane. When she tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him no matter what, they get married and soon have a son.

Stephen presents his thesis to the examination board, arguing that a black hole created the universe in a Big Bang, that it will emit heat, and that it will end in a Big Crunch. While celebrating with Jane and his friends, Stephen realizes he cannot walk, and begins using a wheelchair. Soon, Stephen develops a theory about the visibility of black holes, and becomes a world-renowned physicist. Stephen and Jane have had a second child, a daughter, by now. With Stephen's increasing fame and declining health, Jane is left to focus on the children and she's unable to work on her own thesis. This makes her frustrated. For a change of scene, she joins the church choir and meets a widower Jonathan and they become close friends. When Jane has a third baby, Stephen's mother asks her if it is Stephen's or Jonathan's. This makes Jonathan stay away from the family even when Jane discloses her feelings for him. But Stephen talks to him and asks him to stay as Jane needs him.

Stephen is invited to attend an opera performance in Bordeaux, and he contracts pneumonia. While in the hospital, the doctors tell Jane that Stephen needs a tracheotomy, which will leave him unable to speak. With no other alternative, he agrees to the surgery. Stephen learns to use a spelling board, and uses it to communicate with Elaine, his new nurse. He receives a computer with a built-in voice synthesiser, and uses it to write a book, A Brief History of Time, which becomes an international best-seller. As Elaine and Stephen get close, Jane drifts away.

What I loved about it:

I had never heard of Eddie Redmayne until he won the Oscar for this role. He is perfectly cast as Stephen Hawking and Felicity Jones as Jane complements him really well. Yes, this is a biography and I seldom do watch them. Honestly, I wasn't even a keen follower of Hawking and his life, but when I watched the movie I was a fan of the man himself as well as the other man who played him. What a fabulous actor Eddie Redmayne is. His eyes do most of the talking and you can feel his pain in every scene. It is not easy to be married to a man who is so dependent on his wife and Felicity Jones as Jane, does a pretty brilliant job at it. The way she nonchalantly feeds him like it is totally normal when they have guests at home is astonishing. She loves him, no matter what and she does try her best to work it out.

As much as this movie celebrates the genius that Stephen Hawking is, his personal life is shown beautifully too. For a person who was given less than two years to life, he goes on to have so many more thanks to the support of his wife. This movie shows what true love is all about. You cannot even imagine the things that she does for him. She does it without complaining. Till the end. This movie is a lesson to all of us. Nothing, absolutely nothing should hold us back from what we truly want. Like the man himself says;

Stephen Hawking died recently (18th March 2018) at the age of 76. At the age of 21, he was given two years to live. If he is not a fighter, then who is?

Runners-up: The Terminal (English).

This post is a part of the A To Z Challenge for April, where my theme for this year is Movies I Love.


  1. I honestly havent seen the movie. But i have always loved the man himself. He had such an amazing fighting spirit. And best of all, a really good sense of humour inspite of what life had given him.

  2. Such an inspiring life story his was. Stephen Hawking was a real life hero. Would love to watch this movie! Thanks for the recommendation, Soumya!

    1. This is a good take on his life, Shilpa. It focuses on the right things.

  3. Great review! Nearly everything your wrote about what you loved about the movie applied to me, too. Wasn't interested in Hawking until the movie, and so on. I like the movie didn't sugarcoat Hawking too much.

    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and letting me know your thoughts Su-Sieee!

  4. Lovely review Soumya but my takeaway from the movie was diluted by so many factors. His wife was devoted to him and yet he drfits into the arms of the nurse caring for him later. The way they have shown the birth of three children happening in a span of maybe 30 mts in the movie was ludicrous; its like after every significant something, there is a baby!
    The man is a fighter and inspirational to have achieved what all through what all but the movie didnt do justice to his life or his personna for me. I was disappointed in his portrayal though yes Eddies did a superb job as a man who struggles with his disabilities to shine out his genius!

    1. I do agree with you, Shalini. The baby bit was hurried, but I guess they wanted us to focus more on his professional achievements in the duration of the movie.

      But I think he was portrayed very well by Redmayne. I cannot think of any other actor who could have done it.

  5. BAsed on Stephen Hawking?? Now why havent i watched this yet..

  6. This is a brilliant movie. I have watched it a few times and loved it. Credit goes to Eddie Redmayne for his mind-blowing performance. Yes, the fact that he falls in love with his nurse is a bit of a damper especially after all the love and care Jane had bestowed upon him. It is thanks to this movie that I became a bigger fan of Stephen Hawking.
    It is so beautifully picturised. One of my favourites. Infact it's synchronous you write about it, as I was recommending it to a dear friend the other day. Have you watched Redmayne's Danish Girl?
    That is one mind blowing movie too. Do catch it, if you can, Soumya.

    1. I've been wanting to read 'The Danish Girl' before I can watch the movie, Natasha. No doubt Redmayne is brilliant in it.


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