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W: Wonder #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: Wonder
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Cast: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay
Director: Stephen Chbosky
Year Of Release: 2017

What it is about:

Just like the book, the movie is about August "Auggie" Pullman. He has a rare medical facial deformity, and even after 27 surgeries, he's severely deformed. He's been home schooled by his mother Isabel until now, but as he is ready for middle school now, his parents want him to go to a regular school called Beecher Prep. Fifth grade is tough for Auggie who is stared at by everyone. He is bullied by being called a freak and rumors are spread that kids will get the "plague" if they touch him. Still, he braves it all and does things on his own. He is super smart and when he helps Jack Will in a test, they become good friends. But when Auggie overhears Jack Will talking bad about him on Halloween, he stops talking to him.

During the middle of the school year, Auggie is constantly bullied by another student Julian and his friends Amos, Miles and Henry. They leave hurtful and threatening notes on his desk and tape their class picture on his locker with Auggie photoshopped out. No matter what Auggie goes through at school, his family are always there for him and they love him wholeheartedly for exactly the way he is.

The movie is all about how Auggie goes to school and what all he has to go through to look and be normal even though he was born to stand out. The movie also chronicles the lives of the people around him. His mother, Isabel, who wants to work on her pending thesis. His father, Nate, who loves his son dearly and helps him with self defense. And Via, his sister, who loves her brother but feels sad about being the ignored child.

What I loved about it:

Honestly, this probably is not one of the best movies made, and I might be a little biased towards it because I loved the book. I watched this movie thrice within a week and I loved it every single time. The Pullman family is what families should be like. In a time where parents mock their children and other children for being fat, dark, dumb or poor, the Pullmans show us what family love is all about. It is not easy to have a child in the family who always draws attention for the wrong reasons, but the way the family handles it and makes Auggie feel normal is just exceptional. All the kids in the movie are so good-looking and they have acted brilliantly! Especially Jack Will and Summer. The way they love and support Auggie is something all kids should learn today.

Julia Roberts is a dream to watch on screen, and as Isabel, the worried mother, her emotions stand out. Especially the scene where Auggie asks her if Jack Will can come home with them. Owen Wilson, as Nate, the father who wants to protect his family, is the father we all need. The scene in which he explains the disappearance of Auggie's helmet to him, is so emotional and touches the core of one's heart. Izabela Vidovic as Olivia or Via is the perfect quiet elder sister, trying to come to terms with the attention her parents are showering on the other child with hardly anything left for her. Still, the family stays together and gets things done together.

Jacob Tremblay as Auggie is the star here. Obviously the book was much much better, but the movie does do a decent job of telling Auggie's story. The climax of the movie has the same effect as it did in the book.

Read the book, then watch the movie. It will teach you more life lessons than life did.

Runners-up: Wall-E (English), A Wednesday (Hindi).

This post is a part of the A To Z Challenge for April, where my theme for this year is Movies I Love.


  1. Oh I just finished reading this book and I simply adored it; waiting to catch the movie soonest too!

    W is for Wildings #atozchallenge

  2. I have still not seen this movie, nor have I read the book!! I have heard so much about it..It's high time I do either of the two.:)

    1. Woman! Go read the book now, then watch the movie. Come thank me later :)

  3. Oh! I have read the book and loved loved loved it. I so want to watch this movie.

  4. I have read the book, and I loved the book. Yet to watch the movie though.


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