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Y: You've Got Mail #AToZChallenge

Movie Name: You've Got Mail
Language: English
Genre: Rom-Com
Cast: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan
Director: Nora Ephron
Year Of Release: 1998

What it is about:

Kathleen Kelly runs the independent bookstore 'The Shop Around The Corner' that her mother ran before her. Joe belongs to the Fox family which runs Fox Books, a chain of mega bookstores and he is set to open in the same neighborhood. When Joe visits Kathleen's shop with his four-year-old half-brother, Matthew, they have a conversation that reveals Kathleen's fears about the Fox Books store opening around the corner. Joe hides his last name and leaves the shop. Later, at a publishing party, Kathleen learns about Joe's true identity and accuses him of deception.

While all this is happening, Joe and Kathleen has been conversing regularly, online. Thanks to "Shopgirl" and "NY152", their online identities in an over-30s chat room. While the rules online are not to reveal their true names, identities or anything, they still get very close and gradually fall in love. But Joe soon discovers who is the real Shopgirl. What will he do now? She hates him offline and he loves her online. Can there ever be a future to this?

What I loved about it:

This probably is the first online love story most of us knew about. Meg Ryan is the perfect fit for the girl next door kind of roles and together with Tom Hanks, they create magic on screen. This movie is so cute and so sweet that this is one the rare times that I've enjoyed and loved a rom-com. Having a background story featuring book stores is another plus. Throw in a dog, Brinkley, and you know that this movie is all about the love. While falling in love online seems like a silly and must used concept, this movie does it tastefully. The palette of the movie is muted pastels and it makes the whole movie look and feel so beautiful.

Watch this movie for the brilliant acting and for the best feeling in the whole world, love.

Runners-up: None.

This post is a part of the A To Z Challenge for April, where my theme for this year is Movies I Love.


  1. Two favorite stars. Fabulous movie. So feel-good I can watch it anytime. In fact, I catch snippets of it whenever I come across it. Lovely pick, Soumya!

    1. Thank you, Hottie! I can watch it anytime too.

  2. Thank you, Hottie! You have great taste :)

  3. A lovely movie, MEg Ryan totally stole the show. Saw it when I was in college, and remember having gone all " awwwww" over the movie..

    1. I know, right? It had the right amount of mush.

  4. My favorite movie! I have watched it a couple of times but ages ago. Must re-live the beauty and love of this movie again :)


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