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Not A Stranger To The Dark

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The greys in my hair have taught me now
That life comes with a share of up and down
I've learnt to swim against all tides
Braved the flood when others expected me to drown

Way too many people have come into my life
While some have stayed, most have left
Each of them did teach me a lesson
It made me more strong and not bereft

I celebrate every small high
Because I have seen the lowest of lows
Each day I emerge stronger
Learning to adjust my sails as the wind blows

I am bruised, yes, but I'm still brave
I'm not scared to be heard or seen
No one can turn me into dust
Look into my eyes, you'll know what I mean

I'm not ashamed of my scars
I carry them with strength and pride
No words are sharp enough to cut me down
I might stay quiet, but I'll never hide

I've mended my broken parts
I've polished my once withered wing
Turning my struggles into music
My success song, I shall sing

I am who I am meant to be
Where ever I go, I'll leave my mark
I'll sail through even if the light seems dim
As I'm not a stranger to the dark

This piece is inspired by the below song. I heard this song for the first time as part of the Oscar performance and I was totally blown away! It is so powerful, this one. After listening to it for like ten times a day, I decided to write this today.


  1. Nice song! Nice affirmation-verse!

    Stay strong! Happiness is found within ourselves!

  2. You've captured the essence of life's travails so well with this beautiful poem. Inspiring, as is the song!

  3. This was so good. I love your verses for their simplicity and intensity. Such a nice song too.

  4. That song..WOW! I hadn't ever come across it and oh my God, it blew me away!
    I have heard it on loop 3 times straight, I am sure I'm going to play it many many more times. Thank you for sharing Soumya!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Shantala. The song struck a chord with me too.

  5. Loved your verses. I had never listened to the song before but now as I listen, it's great. Thank you for sharing :)


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