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Action Replay + Gratitude List: June 2018

Image Source So, we're now officially in the second half of the year. Wow, that was quick, wasn't it? Time is passing by so quick and everyday I find so many new things to do. Over the past couple of months, my outlook towards life has completely changed and this has made me much clearer in the head. I already spoke about letting go of unnecessary thoughts and people in my last replay post but I will state the importance of it again. We all need to take some time out to de-clutter our life. This needs to happen periodically and this should be considered vital for our survival. Once you let go of that negativity, life becomes so simpler and you become more happier. June kept me insanely busy as I was in the middle of a really tough release at work. It took up all my time with late evening calls and weekend work that needed to be put in. Since my work life is more often than not peaceful, and rushes like these are not very often, I do not complain about them. Honestly, I

Of Misers & Millionaires

Image Source I've been wanting to write about this for quite sometime but I kept putting it off because it is a very sensitive topic and I did not want to offend anyone. Money has always been a debatable topic. I am someone who believes that money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly make your life comfortable. But, is this the only thing in your life? Is money the only thing that can make you happy? Is having a big fat bank balance your only goal? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. I come from a lower middle class family where I was used to fighting for the basics let alone the luxuries. So, I always knew the importance of money. When I grew up and started working, I did not take it for granted. I am very smart when it comes to money and I invest it wisely. Yes, I do shop and indulge in luxuries once in a while, but that is not my sole agenda when it comes to money. I am a person with many passions and passions come alive only when you invest something

Why Daily Motivation Helps

Image Source In February last year, I hit a very rough patch in my life. My mother fell sick, work was at its peak and everything around was getting too much to bear. I had my first burn-out then and it was a feeling that made me feel miserable about myself. One fine day, I sat down and decided to work on getting out of that melancholic phase. I started a self-project called 'Getting Better' and wrote down things that made me feel better day after day. I started each day writing down a quote in my diary that would inspire me for the entire day. Every time I encountered something tough, I reminded myself of that quote and that gave me the strength to get past it. Soon, I started putting up a quote on Instagram every morning, as part of my healing. This helped me get better. Of course this was not the only thing that helped, but this gave me the motivation to push myself and fight harder. A month or two into the 'Getting Better' project, a couple of my Instagram f

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

Image Source Title: The Time Traveler's Wife Author: Audrey Niffenegger Publisher: Publisher: RHUK (23 July 2009) Genre: Science Fiction/Romance Price: Rs. 275 on Amazon Pages: 624 What intrigued me the most about this book was its gist and the beautiful front cover. I bought this book years ago, on a whim, and it stayed on my shelf. It was only recently that I read a glowing review about this book and decided to read it. It is quite a fairly long book with minute font that makes the reading very exhausting, but I wanted to know what happens to the leads, so I persisted. When I was done with it, I did not know whether I liked the book or not. I had mixed feelings about it and after a few days I spent some time thinking about the book and its story. That is when I realized the true beauty of it.

#FeministMondays | Decoding The Bechdel Test

Image Source I only recently read about the Bechdel Test. For those who are unaware of this; The Bechdel test is a method for evaluating the portrayal of women in fiction. It asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added.  This test is apparently used as an indicator for the active presence of women in films and other fiction, and to call attention to gender inequality in fiction. We already saw how women are portrayed in Indian cinema last month . This week, before getting into the real life scenario I want to talk about three classics that miserably fail the Bechdel test. Before we get into that, let's ask ourselves one question. What do we women like to talk about the most? To other women, I mean.

In Conversation With The Veeres #NotAMovieReview

Image Source After watching 'Veere Di Wedding' on the weekend, I decided to sit down and have a chat with the Veeres themselves as I had a lot of questions on my mind. When I called the producer, Rhea Kapoor, asking if I could have her four leading ladies for a chat, she was confused. I then corrected myself by asking for her two leading ladies and the two extras. Then, she got it. Soon, Sonam K Ahuja got in touch with me and put forth her demands before the interview. She wanted me to arrange four cameras and have two of it focusing on her and the other two on Kareena Kapoor Khan. She also asked me to get four comfortable couches as the women would be dressed in couture and there needs to be enough room for them to sit. When I told her that I was only a small time interviewer with nothing but a notepad, she was not pleased. Nevertheless, since I had watched the movie and I was a woman, she agreed to go ahead with the interview. I met them on my terrace and was just thi