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Girl, Just Do It

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Let them call you emotional
It only shows how strong you are
Equality is not a small battle
Come on girl, prepare for war

Let them call you dramatic
Express yourself whole and soul
Do not listen to what they say
Winning should be your only goal

Let them call you delusional
Not everyone can dream like you
Only a small sect work towards it
Stand up for that very few

Let them call you hysterical
Don't let your anger hold you back
Invest it in making yourself stronger
Remember, there is nothing you lack

Let them call you unreasonable
Gender doesn't define ambition
Go ahead and chase the higher goal
You don't need any one's validation

Let them call you unladylike
Words like these don't define you
Be who you are, in all your glory
Paint yourself in your unique hue

Let them call you crazy
It takes guts to dream and go for it
Everyone successful was once called that
For greater things, you are built

Turn a deaf ear to all that they say
You move forward, bit by bit
Nothing is impossible for you
Come on girl, just do it


  1. So beautifully written. I can relate to it. The line 'Paint yourself in your unique hue' is my favorite.

  2. A fantastic poem about the strength of a woman! You don’t mince words and that’s how it should be. More power to your pen.

  3. That's my girl. It takes so much to paint this beautiful poem. Only a couple of days before I was thinking about how I missed reading blogs and was thinking to ask you to share links of your blog posts on the status (that's the one thing I check everyday). To see that first thing today morning, happy and elated. I think you must make a book of all your poems. I would buy it. 💗

  4. It was such a relief to read this Sowmya...such a relief.

  5. This does sounds like the latest 'crazy' Nike ad--love it!

    1. This indeed was inspired by the Nike ad. Thank you, D.

  6. This is so you, Soumya.
    Love this one.
    Just do it, indeed and be you, unapologetically you!

    1. Thank you, Naba. It means a lot when it comes from you.


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