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It Is Okay To Not Be Okay

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Feeling lethargic, upset and low?
You are not the only one 
We all go through phases like this
Sometimes, it is okay to come undone

To rise from the arid ashes
We need to sometimes burn
You may not turn out to be a phoenix
But many a lesson you will learn

When you seem to be losing control
Accept it and take a step back
Not everything needs to be picture perfect
Sit back, cut yourself some slack

Your mental health will go for a toss
You'll start questioning the basic purpose of life
This is the phase you need to be the strongest
Your heart and mind will be in a strife

Breathe in and breathe out
It is not the end of the world
Even if the ground beneath your feet
Seems to quickly come unfurled

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Get help, work on yourself
Train your mind to survive
Celebrate the smaller wins
Pat your back, give yourself a high five

Don't go for all at once
Take one thing at a time
Put the words together in your own way
Don't bother much if they don't rhyme

Slowly, everything will fall into line
It might not be straight, but that's alright
You will bounce back day after day
You will find your strength in this fight

Don't blame yourself for anything
Life sometimes does take a toll
The pieces will come together one day
With time, you will find yourself whole

A diamond goes through a lot of pain
Before it can finally shine
It is okay to not be okay
Remember that and you'll be fine


  1. Mental health is so important. True, it's ok to feel down. We are only human. Understanding the reason behind it could help us more rather than ignoring it. You expressed really well with your words. Well written.

  2. So I was feeling down in the dumps a couple of days back and just did read or get online. I carried on my daily routine like a zombie. I did feel guilty for not being up and about. YOu are right, its ok to not be ok and at such times I need to learn to breathe and take one day at a time.

    1. Exactly! I hope you are feeling better now, Ramya :)

  3. Loved the positivity of this post. It makes me believe that anything is possible as long as one is slow and steady in its pursuit.

  4. These lines are perfect for just about anyone. When we fall down, the only option is to dust ourselves and rise.

  5. Soumya, your poem is inspirational and uplifting. Nobody can feel sorry for themselves after reading it. Great advice on moving on and getting over the problems in life. I am saving it to read on days I feel down.

    1. Wow, I'm glad you feel that way, Sulekha. Thank you :)

  6. Love this lyrical piece. It sure is okay to not be okay. I was in that space a few weeks back before I went off to the forests to reclaim myself. Little did I know a training course would change my perspective.

    Yes, it’s okay not to be okay and honour the space one is in- happy or sad.

    So good to be back on your blog, sweetheart. Big hugs and big love��♥️


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