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Book Review: Daisy Jones & The Six - Taylor Jenkins Reid

Title: Daisy Jones & The Six
Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Publisher: Cornerstone Digital; 01 edition (5 March 2019)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Price: Rs. 268 for the Kindle Edition
Pages: 335

This book created quite a stir last year and when Naba included it in her 15 best reads of 2019, I knew I had to read it too. I picked it up sometime back then but only got to reading it this month. This book was showcased on every social media platform for months and everything about this book felt so good. Sex, drugs, rock n roll! What can go wrong, right?

This is the story of a fictional band called The Six and how a new and upcoming singer called Daisy Jones gets involved with them. The story has multiple point of views from all the six members of the band, their managers, their producers, their partners, their friends and of course, Daisy Jones. The story follows incident after incident that occurs in the life of the band and how each one remembers it. The way they recall it not exactly the same and I love the raw details of it. It makes it more realistic. The entire story is narrated this way and while it is easy to get lost in the multiple narrations, this one plays like a scene in your head and you can actually hear people speaking.

Billy and Graham Dunne, two brothers, start a band called 'The Dunne Brothers' and they do pretty well for themselves. Soon, Karen, Eddie, Pete and Warren join them and together they form 'The Six'. They create exceptional music together and are all set to come out with an album. Daisy Jones, on the other hand, is a neglected kid with a blessed voice. She's different and looks at life in a totally different way. When she's asked to collaborate with The Six for a song, sparks fly between Billy and her and not of the right kind. Billy, by then, is married to his childhood sweetheart Camila and has a daughter with her. He's out of rehab and has been sober for a long time. Daisy cannot exist without her pills and booze. She's high all the time and she doesn't know the world without drugs.

When 'Honey Comb', their first song together is a huge success, Daisy joins the band to create a whole new album called 'Aurora'. Thus, 'Daisy Jones & The Six' is formed. Billy and Daisy write songs together and talk about their lives in them. While most of Billy's songs are for his wife Camila, who now has given birth to twin girls, Daisy's songs are all about the pain and regret in her life. With time, Billy and Daisy get to know each other and soon their songs are directed at each other. The sexual tension between them is visible to everyone but Billy being married means that a line needs to be drawn. How do Billy and Daisy get past it? Will they?

This book played in my head like Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody', the movie I mean. Each and every character is given equal importance and their individualities is explored to the max. Every character has a well defined back story and the tinge of their personal lives shown brings this band to life. It is very hard to believe that this is not a true story, like really really hard. To fictionalize something like this and make it so believable, takes extreme talent and the author excels at it. The mystery element of the interviewer who is talking to the band only made it more realistic.

The women in the book are all superstars! Daisy, oh Daisy! She's so brilliant and you cannot help but fall in love with her. I totally can understand how Billy would have felt, but the reader can easily understand why he would never leave Camila. Camila, the woman who stood by her husband through his drug addiction and infidelity, the woman who gave him a family and gave up her all to take care of it, the woman who gives meaning to all of Billy's songs! While it feels like true love for Billy and Camila at first, it shifts into a sense of duty with time. Why does Camila choose to stay with Billy? Was it for the family or the fame? One can never really say. Karen, the keyboard player, is another badass! She knows exactly what she wants and doesn't let anything or anyone come in her way. But the book belongs to Daisy whole and soul! She's a character like none other. Barefoot, tipsy and fu*ked up! She's what she is and doesn't give a damn about what others think. This hit way close home.

The story brings the 1970's LA music scene to life infusing it with copious amounts of sex and drugs! Expectations, insecurities, unsaid and forbidden love sets the ball rolling. I loved everything about this book. There is a mini-series being made on this book by Reese Witherspoon and I cannot wait to watch it! It will be out on Amazon Video soon.

Verdict: Whatever I say, will not be enough to do justice to this one. This one was a pure treat to read.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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  1. Wow! You have me on the hook for this one. Will check it out.

  2. I love books where female leads have strong characters. Will definitely add to my list. Excellent review once again :)

  3. This book reminded me of the movie, 'Begin Again', that I saw recently on Netflix. Not much of a similarity except it was about a singer, her singer boyfriend, infidelity, and life.
    it does sound super and I would love it if I can lay my hands on this one someday. ;)

    1. Ah sounds quite similar! I will look it up now.

      Thanks Shilpa :)

  4. Oh Wow this so sounds like a book I want to read now- thanks for such an honest and intriguing review Somz :-)

  5. Woooa--h! Not very much into historical sagas but this one seems up my alley. Or is it just the way you write a review dearest Soumya?


    1. Hahaha, I wish it is that, my dear Natz!

      But do read this one, I have a feeling you will love it!



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